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We are currently conducting 48 initial evaluations and 18 reevaluations. Our total special ed count as of October 2015 is 299 students.


Who can make a request for a special education evaluation? Certified staff of Fulton Public Schools (agency referral) and parents. We often receive requests from outside agencies or doctor's offices for evaluations. These are not officials referrals and should not be processed as an "agency referral." If you receive a request for a special education evaluation from a doctor or other outside entity you need to gather information from the parent to determine if this is actually a parent request.

How do we know when it's time to make a referral to special education? If a student is a little behind, does that mean a referral should be made? Not necessarily. The general education teacher should try a number of interventions, strategies, differentiated instruction, targeted interventions that are specifically addressing identified concerns, etc for an extended period of time while collecting data on those interventions and strategies before considering a referral. In addition, attendance should be looked at. If the student has poor attendance then we can't rule out that the poor performance is not due to a lack of instruction. Through the data collection if it shows progress then a referral should not be made.

Remember, when a student transfers to the Fulton School District we must follow in-state or out-of-state transfer procedures. If the sending districts IEP and evaluation report is rejected you CANNOT wait until the evaluation is complete to develop a new IEP. You MUST determine compensatory services AND within 2 weeks hold an IEP meeting to develop a new IEP.

Are general eduation teachers responsible for implementing IEPs? Yes. General education teachers are responsible for providing the accomodations and modifications listed in special eduation students IEPs. These accommodations and modifications are not suggestions but rather legally mandated supports that are required to be provided to that student. Failure to provide those supports is a violation of Federal that has the potential of coming with serious consequences at the State and Federal level. When it doubt talk to the special education teachers in your building to obtain clarification.

When is documentation due to Julie Ann Bower? Special Education teachers have 5-10 days from teh date of any special education meeting (referral meeting, review of exiting data meeting, IEP meeting, or eligiblity meeting) to provide the applicable documentation for Julie's review and approval before sending to Central Office for a final review by Karrie Millard, and then to the parent's. The regulations require that within, generally, 20 days of the date of the meeting, copy of evaluation report and/or IEP is provided to the parent.

Upcoming Meetings / PD opportunities

Thursday, October 22nd

Ashley Gravemann and Julie Bower are going to Developing and Implementing Sensory Diets workshop in Jefferson City from 8-4pm

Monday, October 26th

Karrie and Julie are going to Self Assessment Special Education Tiered Monitoring training in Jefferson City from 8-1pm.

Monday, October 26th

Process 101 / Refresher training from 3:45-5:00pm FHS room 202

Topics include: Conducting Review of Existing Data meetings, writing Notice of Actions, and when written parental consent is required and when it's not


Julie Ann Bower, District Process Coordinator, and Karrie Millard, Director of Special Services