Targeted EOC Tutorials @ Legacy

Utilizing student data to organize EOC tutorial sessions

Targeted Tutorial Overview

Legacy teachers are using campus Common Assessment and district CBA results to plan tutorial sessions for upcoming STAAR EOC exams.

Exams will be held twice during the Spring 2016 semester. The first will be March 29 & 30. The second will be during the first full week of May 2016 (May 2-6).

Our teachers will provide tutoring on a weekly basis. The tutoring will be organized by standards [TEKS/SEs]. Targeted Tutoring for both rounds of testing will begin 20 days prior to the testing date. English I and II targeted tutorials will begin by Feb 23, 2016. Algebra I, Biology, US History targeted tutoring will begin by April 1, 2016.

What Does Targeted Tutoring Look Like?

1. Teachers work together in the PLC to gather all campus Common Assessment and district CBA data from the current school year.

2. Teachers work together to designate an TEKS/SE/Reporting Category for each teacher based on student data. The teacher with the highest passing percentage in each area will lead tutorial sessions for that TEKS/SE/Reporting Category (as agreed upon by the PLC).

3. The PLC will publish and post tutorial dates & times by TEKS/SE/Reporting Category outside their classrooms, in the hallways and via email to parents.

4. Students will attend tutorial sessions.

Super Saturday EOC Review Day

Our first Super Saturday EOC Review Day is scheduled for April 23, 2016 from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM here at Legacy HS.

The proposed format will be 45 minute sessions with a 15 minute passing period between sessions. Students will select the sessions they'd like to attend. Students will be given a "passport" to account for which sessions they've attended for the day.

Food will be provided (either a pancake breakfast and/or light snacks; teachers will be asked to donate items or help prepare pancakes). Teachers will be asked to either help tutor or prepare food. We will host prize drawings for students during the 15 minute passing periods.

We will target SPED/ELL/At Risk students to attend this Saturday session by reaching out to their parents asking them to attend on a "special invitation". All Legacy students will be allowed to attend the tutoring sessions.

More info to come...

Legacy Tutoring Best Practices

US History Ideas/Strategies

Focused tutoring, in class reviews, stations in class, Monday Focus Day, Movie pass incentives, Use CBA/Common Assessment Data to help plan tutorials

Student Motivation Ideas

Sidewalk Chalk Positive Messages for students by March 29/May 2nd, pass out Mardi Gras beads, Flash Mob Friday teacher dance on April 22nd publicizing Super Saturday EOC Review Day, Teacher dress Up Week April 25-29

More details to come...

Motivational Video For Students Motivation For Studying