By Jacob S.

Who predicts the weather?

A Meteorologist predicts the weather by studying the conditions in the atmosphere. When they make a prediction, it's an educated guess, so it may not be right the weather may change all of a sudden.

What is the weather?

Weather is the air, wind and precipitation that occurs around us. Tornados, Hurricanes, and Thunderstorms are all different types of weather.

How Do We Prepare For Weather?

We should have a disaster kit. If you have a disaster kit you're prepared for any type of weather. A disaster kit should include food, water, a battery-powered radio, and a flashlight.[You should also have a neighborhood siren system.]

What Equipment Help Predict The Weather?

Meteorologists use a variety of equipment to help predict the weather. They are: Barmometer, Wind Vane, Rain Gauge and Anemometer.
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