SDMS FYI September 2020

Information and Support for Dallas ISD EasyIEP™ Users

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Summer 2020 Enhancements

Staff now have the ability to select more than one length of school day per ARD plan year. For each semester selected, the length of school day may be added. To see all Summer 2020 enhancements select the link below.

Transfer Process Symbol

A new compliance symbol added to alert staff when a student has reenrolled after being withdrawn 15+ calendar days. The Projected IEP Date is set to 30 days from the date the student reenrolls.
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Select Three Semesters

To avoid LREs of NA on reports, go to the Eligibility Determination screen in the ARD/IEP Process. Select three semesters in an Initial or Annual ARD/IEP. An LRE is required for the length of the ARD/IEP. Do not skip semesters. Click the link below to see all the scenarios that may cause an LRE to be "NA".

Coming Soon SHARS in ARD/IEP Process

Beginning 10/02/2020, staff will be required to address SHARS in the Initial and Annual ARD/IEP. Training on the process will be conducted by the SHARS department. For questions, please contact the department at (972) 581-4372 or Andrea Pickard at

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Available Documents

Documents Available to Parents in Parent Portal

  • Special Education ARD Parent Survey (English)

  • Special Education ARD Parent Survey (Spanish)
  • Parent's Guide to the ARD Process - English July 2020
  • Parent's Guide to the ARD Process - Spanish July 2020
  • Notice of Procedural Safeguards - English July 2020
  • Notice of Procedural Safeguards - Spanish July 2020
  • IEP
  • Consent for Disclosure of Confidential Information
  • Consent for Evaluation Document
  • DNQ Document
  • Extended School Year
  • Full and Individual Evaluation
  • Goal Progress Measurement
  • ISP Document
  • ISP Meeting Notice
  • Manifestation Determination
  • Notice of ARD/IEP Committee Meeting
  • Notice of Proposal/Refusal of Services (Initial Evals Only)
  • Notice of Transfer of Rights
  • Parent Consent Denial
  • Parent Consent for Placement
  • Parent Consent to Evaluate
  • Parent Denial for Placement
  • Parental Consent for Services
  • Prior Written Notice
  • Progress Report
  • Request to Revoke Consent
  • Review of Outside Evaluation
  • Review of Outside LEA Data
  • Student Transfer from Out-of-DISD
  • Transfer IEP
  • Transfer Manifestation Determination
  • Transfer Meeting Invitation
  • Transportation Form – IEP

EdPlan Connect Email Translation

Emails to parents are now available in Spanish and Vietnamese.

Printing Specific Pages from a PDF

To print specific pages from a pdf select print then from the print screen select the specific page numbers or range of page numbers to print.

To save specific pages of a pdf select the specific page numbers or range of page numbers, select Adobe PDF for the printer, finally select print to name and create a new pdf.

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Need Help?

The SDMS support website has dozens of helpful documents and videos that support EasyIEP functionality or contact the help desk email or call 972-794-3550.

SDMS Professional Development

Click Here to access EasyIEP course titles and descriptions.

Click Here to register for courses in Cornerstone.

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Specialized Data Management Support

Linus D. Wright Dallas ISD Administration Building

9400 North Central Expressway Suite 1000 Dallas, Texas 75231

Help Desk 7:30 AM-5:00 PM Monday-Friday | 972.794.3550 | SDMS Website