Political Oppression

By: Nicole Francis and Noah Freedman

What is Political Oppression?

Political Oppression

The government restricting their citizen’s universal rights, forcing them to submit themselves to the government and whatever they are told to do

Basic Human Rights

Right to vote

Freedom of information

Right of equality

Right to education

Freedom of speech

Right to a fair trial

Right to life, liberty, and personal security

In the Time of Butterflies

Basic Human Rights

Right to vote- Trujillo ran unopposed in a bogus election after President Vasquez resigned, becoming an absolute dictator

Freedom of information- ch 2 Sinita told Minerva about Trujillo’s rise to power and how he had the head general killed then allowed the President to be overthrown before declaring himself President, the government makes the Butterflies’ murders look like a car accident

Right of equality- Peña is treated much better than the Mirabel family; only elite are invited to Trujillo’s party

Right to education- Minerva had the right to an education but she first had to ask Trujillo’s permission, then after she graduated from law school he refused to give her a license to practice law

Freedom of speech- Spies are camped out all around the Mirabel house to listen in their conversations, everyone must say Viva Trujillo!

Right to a fair trial- the husbands are imprisoned for being married to the Mirabel sisters, the Mirabel sisters are given five years for being traitors, must do favors for Trujillo to be released

Right to life, liberty, and personal security- the Butterflies pursue this right but Trujillo denies them, the underground is established and most of the people are picked off

Tropico De Sangre Trailer

"A chill goes through her, for she feels it in her bones, the future is now beginning. By the time it is over, it will be the past, and she doesn't want to be the only one left to tell their story." Chapter 1, page 10

Sometimes watching the rabbits in their pens, I’d think, I’m no different from you, poor things. One time, I opened a cage to set a half-grown doe free. I even gave her a slap to get her going. But she wouldn’t budge! She was so used to her little pen.....I was the one hurting her, insisting she be free. Silly bunny, I thought. You’re nothing at all like me". (p.11, Minerva)

"There had ben the silence that always followd any compromising mention of the regime in public. One could never be sure who in a group might report what to the police. Every household was said to have a servant on double payroll"(73)

“I looked in his face. He was a boy no older then Noris. Maybe that’s why I cried out, ‘Get down, son! Get down!’ His eyes found mine just as the shot hit him square in the back. I saw the wonder on his young face as the life drained out of him, and I thought, oh my god, he’s one of mine!” (162)

“My faith was shifting, and I was afraid.” (52)


  1. How far can restrictions go before it becomes political oppression?
  2. Is there anything you would consider oppressive in America?
  3. How does ITTOTB government relate to Animal Farm?
  4. What do butterflies represent?
  5. What methods do dictators use to keep their citizens in control?