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So Many Benefits

The Benefits to Playing Videogames

It's bad for your eyes. They will just make you violent. You will be antisocial. They will rot your brain. These are just some of the recycled responses we hear when someone thinks video games are bad. But as it turns out, the benefits aren't a few dull points. There are a mound of benefits to grabbing a control and playing some games.

1. Improved Dexterity

In a survey of surgical doctors, it was shown that doctors that play video games are 27% faster and are 38% less likely to error during the surgery.

2. Education

In an experiment put on by the Federal Scientists of America, it was shown that students learn 90% of the material while learning with video games and simulations, compared to only 10% from reading books

3. Physiotherapy

Motion gaming by subjects with Parkinson's Disease has been know to help improve balance, gait speed, and stride by 55% after 12 weeks time.

4. Cuts Stress

People who play video games cut the amount of excitement inducing hormone, Cortisol, by 17%. People who play Bejeweled reduced physical stress activity by 54%.

5. Multitasking

When trying to multitask, vivid gamers can multitask 6 things at once, compared to 4 of a regular person. Gamers also have better scores for perception and cognition tests.

6. Improves Eyes

It has been shown that if you play a few hours of fast paced action games a day, you can increase eyesight up to 20%.

7. Relationships

76% of couples, both dating and married have said that gaming together has a positive impact on their relationship.

8. Pain Relief

When burn victims play video games, their pain can be reduced by around 50%. Pain tolerance in general rises 65% while playing fast-paced, violent games.

9. IQ

People who play video games regularly are 50% better at managing events and spotting details. Toddlers that play video games also develop a thicker cortex.

10. Reaction Time

In a side by side test, reaction time of avid gamers is on par with that of professional jet fighter pilots.