Ear buds v.s Speakers

when using earbuds you can easily damage your ears especially by sleeping with them in instead of using a speaker a friend of mine used to sleep with headphones in every night and she ended up damaging her hearing. By using a speaker or your phone speakers to listen to music with you can go very loud or you can also sleep with them on and it wont be directly in your ear damaging your ears

Headphones can cause a lot of damage to your ears

When using headphones to listen to music everyday and every night constantly is can very easily damage your ears because listening to it directly from your ear instead of the music coming from around the room it goes straight into your ears and can cause your ears to be ruptured and for you to loose some hearing.


Don't sleep with your headphones in

people have been suffering hearing losses because of them sleeping with headphones in because of the high volume so close to your ear. scientifically proven sleeping with headphones in every night at full volume or a high volume can cause significant damage to your hearing
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