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What is the invisible population?

Look around the streets and what do you see. Do you see trees? Birds? Deer? Look closer. Do you see the people? Not walking. Sitting on the streets. Do you know what there doing? Their waiting. For someone like YOU to help them. But no one will ever see them. They're the invisible population.

These people are not literally invisible, like in the book "Things not seen." Where a boy named, Bobby becomes literally invisible. In the world, the invisible population is everywhere. And it is not only adults, it's children to. Below is a picture of a homeless family moving out their motel with a family of 1 women, her boyfriend, her father, and 3 children.

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The Children

You think someone would pity a child freezing on the street but, they don't. In the video below no one tried to help or even talk to the freezing child. Until, another homeless man came on gave him his jacket. "We homeless gotta look out for each other..." said the man. He gave the child some money to go along with it. In the video it ends with two quotes "If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of of something for somebody, you do nothing for nobody" and "It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving."

"One in 30 of American children has no home" says the NEWSELA article on Child homelessness.

The Freezing Homeless Child! (Social Experiment)

Things not seen

Things not seen is about the story of a Boy named Bobby and his story of how he literately invisible. Bobby just woke up invisible, he didn't do anything else. Bobby meets a Blind girl, and another invisible person. Even though Bobby is not invisible, he feels invisible. The blind girl Alicia feels the same way.