December Technology Tips

Ashley Wasson

Student Start Up Page

As you know, the Student Start Up Page should be the first thing students see when they login to a computer and click on the Chrome icon. I would highly recommend taking a look at the Start Up Page next time you have a chance to see the different student options. For instance, the "Britannica Online" icon takes students directly to an elementary version of Britannica online in which the reading level for articles will be no higher than 5th grade.

To view the Student Start Up Page from any computer, go to your school's website and click on the Technology Tab on the left hand-side. On the next page under Technology Services Student Support Links, select UCPS Student Start Up Page (Elementary).

*Please remember that this page is for ALL elementary schools and we cannot make the icons school specific.

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One of my favorite websites to find interactive resources for students Once on the website, you can find Student Interactive Resources on the left side of the page. These student interactive resources are activity templates that can be integrated into many lessons for students to complete. The Printing Press is one of my favorite student interactive resources to use!

Once finished, students can email their final product to the teacher to print or if the students are working in the Computer Lab (where they should be able to print), they can print off their interactive pieces when finished.

After School PD

December: Powering up Differentiated Instruction with Google

During this session we will be looking at ways you can differentiate instruction in your classroom using different Google tools. We will also be exploring Bloom’s Taxonomy and how different Google tools can be used to meet the levels of Blooms.

Fun Winter Websites and Resources

With Winter Break approaching, I thought I would share some "fun" winter websites that students can use. Please remember that these are just for fun and are not intended to replace instructional time.

Make-a-Flake - (

Create a Gingerbread Man - (

Make a Snowman - (

You can also download a folder of K-5 Winter Resources that include flipcharts, handouts, and other websites for your classroom to use during the Winter months. To download this folder, just click on the button below, then click the blue "Download Anyway" option to begin downloading the folder to a specific location on your computer.