Senior Art Class

Welcome back!

Parents/guardians, the time has come to begin a new school year.

Hello, my name is Emerie Morales. As you all may know, your children have been chosen to participate in this class based on their previous work through out their high school career. I have recognized their talent, potential, and enjoyment of art. I am so excited for this school year as I have many creative projects lined up for us that I can't wait to start. Below you will be able to find everything that you will need to know about the class.

Who will be educating your student?

I have obtained my teaching certification and Bachelor of Art degree from the University of Houston. I was born and raised in Houston and I love to visit our public art museums in my spare time. Many people, things, and events have led me to combining my passion for art with education. My first main influence was my high school art teacher. He helped me realize that imagination is they key in creating art. However, it was my first teaching experience that sealed the deal for me. I absolutely loved sharing my passion with the students and helping them find their creative side while learning about the beautiful forms of art we have used from the beginning of time until now. I aim to do the same with your children.

The classroom

I want the minds of the students to feel limitless in my classroom, therefore I encourage a free spirited environment. The way that I see best to achieve this is by making the students feel as comfortable as possible. They may locate their easels wherever they feel most comfortable in the classroom. I do not allow ear phones however I will have the class make an appropriate playlist for the year that I will play on a radio while they are working on art pieces.
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Lesson Plan Overview

The first week will consist of getting our young artists comfortable with me, each other, and the class. We will also briefly dabble with paint, ceramics, and sculpture installations. From now until winter break I will assign 6 projects and they will have the last four weeks to make small tweaks on their pieces in preparation for V.A.S.E.

To start off each project I will have lectures on art history and current art as it pertains to the specific project. We will also go over the different techniques they can use and how to bring their ideas to life. Once our young artists are actually working on their pieces I like to walk around the room and individually visit with each of the students to assist them with any troubles or questions they have and to praise their work.

When projects are due we will have a class critique. In this critique everyone will present their piece for I and the class to give our opinions. This will get the students used to receiving positive and negative input not only in our art class but also in general life situations. They will also learn how to give positive and negative criticism in a non-offensive way.

Art in the Community!

Get ready for V.A.S.E.

The Visual Arts Scholastic Event is the biggest high school art contest in our area. I will be entering all of the students in this contest. The projects that I have assigned for them this year with be the pieces that the students will submit. I will work with them in class however they will need motivation and encouragement at home as well so it would be great if we could all work as a team to make sure that the students feel confident with their work when it comes time for V.A.S.E.
There are many free art exhibits and museums here in Houston. I will be at most of these. They are always fun and a great way for families to get together and get involved with the class. Here is a list of activities.

Museum of Fine Arts

  • free to the public on Thursday's 10-9pm

Museum of Contemporary Art

  • always free

Wings of the City art exhibit

  • always free and located at Discovery Green until February

Houston Fine Art Festival

  • always free and located at Discover Green Oct-Nov

Contact Information

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Office hours: Monday's 3:00pm-4:00pm (by appointment only)