Cell Sale

Brian Platt


you can find the nucleus in a eurakaryotic cells. This product is expensive but its most the cells genetic material. The nucleus controls the functions of the cells.


Found in the nucleus of cells. You should buy this because because it is important in the nucleus and you need it.

cell membrane

It separates the interior of cells. You need to buy this because it can seperate the unwanted cells you need.

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its a membrane enclosed structure, found in most eurokaryotic cells. You should buy this to keep your eurokaryotic cells safe.

cell wall

it is the wall that protects the cells. you need to buy a cell wall to protect your cells, like you'd protect your family.


gel-like substance enclosed with the cell membrane. you need to buy this because it keeps the cell membrane trapped.


the golgi really just modifies protein for the cells.

Rough E.R

The rough endoplasmic reticulum is a series of connected flattened sacs that have many ribosomes on their outer surface.