Weekly Geekly

Vol. 3 September 9-13, 2013

Kids of Today vs 1980's Technology (HD)

What's Important This Week

Friday is the last day to take grades for the first progress report. All grades between August 26th through September 13th will be reflected in the average. Don't forget this is a short six weeks. Find instructions for the grade load along with grade send deadlines here.

You might still have trouble opening pdf files from Eduphoria (like ARD paperwork). Try using Internet Explorer as your browser to view paperwork. Eduphoria is working on this issue but it hasn't been resolved yet.

Thank you for your patience as we fight the back to school technology battles. Hopefully improvements this weekend will make the printers function more smoothly and will make Moodle faster!

Still having trouble with printers? Be sure you put in a help ticket so we can track the issues!

App of the Week- AudioBoo

AudioBoo is a free sound recording app. Here is how to use it successfully with kids. The teacher should go to audioboo.fm on a computer and create an account. Choose an easy password to remember. When the kids come in, direct them to the app on the device, and give them your login. This way, their "boos" (recordings) will all be saved under your account. Have them name their "boos" with their first name and last initial, and a word that describes your assignment (for example Kim H. poem). After class, change your password. You can then login to the web site and see a list of all the sound recordings in your account! Have students orally respond to a question, read a poem, play some music with their instrument, sing a solo...the possibilities are endless.

Is this app available on school devices? Yes, this app is on all iPads and iPods that we have at both VMS and CTE

Is there an Android version? Yes, and it's free.

Flip Tip

The importance of the flipped lesson comes not from what the students do at home, but rather what you are able to do with the students when they return! By getting the direct teach out of the way at home, more time can be spent at school on collaborative and enriching activities.

I spy...

Do you think your tutorial times are taking up too much real estate in your moodle course? Add a block on the side! Turn editing on, and choose the HTML block from the "Add a block" menu. You can put your tutorial times and even contact information off to the side where it won't interfere with your course content.

I noticed Ms. Stephens has done this in Tech Apps. Way to go Ms. Stephens!