The Hour of Code

Brought to you by the BHS Help Desk

Hour of Code Options for students:

Tutorials for Beginners:

  1. Learn from experts at MIT and Create a Holiday Card with Scratch.
  2. Learn from Mark Zuckerberg and write your first computer program with
  3. Learn programming concepts through puzzle games from LightBot

Tutorials that teach Java Script:

  1. Team up with Khan Academy and learn the basics of JavaScript programming
  2. Learn the basics of CS through JavaScript with Codecademy
  3. Learn to code a JavaScript quiz game with Code Avengers
  4. For beginners: Learn JavaScript with the HTML 5 web game CodeCombat

Tutorial apps for any device:

  1. Learn programming concepts through puzzle games from LightBot
  2. Code on your iPad using Hopscotch

Building your own apps:

  1. Make mobile apps with App Inventor with the MIT Center for Mobile Learning
  2. Build an iPhone game in your browser using Make Games with Us

Other learning options:

  1. Make the "Sheepherder" game featured on YouTube with RunRev
  2. Create animations & 3D objects with Alice 2
  3. Create your own 3D game using Frogger
  4. Get an introduction to the Python programming language with Grok Learning

Work with Help Desk to:

  • Build apps for your Android, iPhone, or iPad
  • Create your own iPhone game
  • Write your first computer program
  • Learn Javascript & Python
  • Create animations & 3D objects

BHS Help Desk Staff is ready for the Hour of Code!

Dora-Period 7

Ms. Scheffer & Mr. Calvin will also be available to assist students participating in the Hour of Code throughout the day.

Why should I learn to code?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics's Occupational Outlook Handbook provides details on Computer Programming as a career path. Learn more about computer programming:

  • What they do
  • Types of work environments
  • How to become one
  • Salary and wages
  • The job outlook

Come explore computer programming with members of the Help Desk!

Don't Miss it!

Friday, Dec. 13th 2013 at 7:45am-2pm

Burlington High School

Visit the Help Desk on Friday, December 13th periods 1-7 and work with a genius bar staff member to learn how to code. No previous experience is necessary! Build an app, create a game...become a rockstar of the future! There I'll also be an Hour of Code right after school from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.

BHS Help Desk

Questions about the Hour of Code?

Contact Jenn Scheffer

BHS Instructional Technology Specialist