3 Psychology Objectives

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Aptitude Test v.s Achievement Test

An aptitude test measures a persons ability to learn, this is very applicable to school considering everything done in school is to be learned and taught by teachers.

You can improve your aptitude by....

  • Reading everyday
  • Go on interesting field trips or to new different places
  • Dedicate a portion of your day to learn a new word everyday
  • Read about current events going on around the world

An achievement test is a test that questions one over their what a person has learned over a set period of time.

A good example of an achievement test would be....

  • Standardized tests
  • The STAAR test
  • The TAKS test

The difference between the two of these is that while aptitude measures a persons ability to learn, achievement is a measure over what a person has learned and they learn more easily.

Evaluate Alfred Binets contribution to intelligence testing.

Alfred Binet developed the Simon-Binet test which unlike most intelligence test was designed to test whether or not someone was mentally slow and the test did this by instead testing over things like mathematical skills or reading skills. It instead tested over a persons ability over simple things like attention and memory. The scale invented by him is still used today in modern psychology and it is said that an individuals score can be influenced by things such as motivation.
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David Weschlers contributions to intelligence testing

Weschler much like Binet had his own was way of testing intelligence, partially created in spite of Binets scoring system. Believing one single score was not an accurate rating of a persons level of intelligence. He took way the old score and divided it into two separate scores, verbal intelligence and non verbal intelligence. He then decided that the average base intelligence was 100 and then from there he added or subtracted up to a total of 15. He would later cal this test the WAIS test (Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale) toways it is the most commonly administered intelligence, and while it is altered every few years to compensate for the Flynn effect the average mean is always set to be 100 but the true meaning of that score is altered every few years.
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