Let Freedom Ring

A Mini Research Activity for Veterans Day

"Mack Me In"

    "Let Freedom Ring" was part of our "Mack Me In" program, which presents monthly research activities for teachers to carry out in the classroom. Students use resources on Mackin VIA to explore a topic currently being studied in science or social studies. The activities are designed to enhance classroom instruction and help develop "reading for information" skills. Various tech tools--in this case, Padlet--are sometimes also incorporated into the activities.

Mack Me In…to Learning about Veterans Day


1) Go to: https://findleyoaksmediacenter.weebly.com

Click on Mackin VIA and log in.

2) Click on Databases.

3) Scroll down to Britannica Elementary

4) Click on Open Now

5) Type in Veterans Day, then Click on the magnifying glass to search

6) Select the article that you want to use for research.

Remember, after selecting your article, you may also narrow your selection by reading level.

7) Answer the questions on the back of this sheet.




Who does Veterans Day honor?


When is Veterans Day celebrated each year?


What is the history of the holiday?

In your own words, explain how Veterans Day was established.


What does freedom mean to you?

Share your answer on the Padlet on the Media Center Web Site


Why do you think we should honor Veterans?


How do people in the United States celebrate Veterans Day?

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