Physical Therapist For The NFL

By: Charde McCalop

Pros of a Physical Therapist

  1. I can help NFL players regain strength
  2. I have a chance to work with famous athletes

Cons of a Physical Therapist

  1. I have to smell their feet of bad sweat smell after a game.
  2. I have to carefully approach the broken bone or pulled muscle.

Some of the top doctor school (IN MY OPINION!!!)

My favorite

Ohio State

Ohio State is one my mom's side of the family. My moms family has attended this collage for years! The reason I choose this school is because it has everything that I need to major in. I want to major in Physical Therapy. There is more to this school than what I want.

East Carolina University

East Carolina University to me is a great school. On my dads side of the family almost all of them have went to ECU. I would like to carry on that tradition.