Suzanne Tomaschtik

Seamlessly Integrating Technology

How has technology been integrated?

Technology has been integrated into all areas of the curriculum. Students use flipcharts in Science and Math to help demonstrate what they are learning and keep students actively engaged. The 5 classroom iPad's are used as interactive whiteboards during math using the AirSketch app. They are also used by the students to record themselves reading and tracking their fluency using the iTalk app. While working in small reading groups, student's articles are in iBook. They then know how to copy and paste unknown words into the Dictionary app to determine meaning and then toggle back to their article in iBook. Students connect to using the QR code reader app on the iPads to post answers to questions that relate to the story being read in class.

FOLE Research

Students in small groups use the iPad's to take pictures of plants and write notes on where each of those plants were found. Then each group attempted to research the plants to then create an iBook explaining their findings.

As the K-2 Technology Instructor I Would...

-collaborate with classroom teachers to incorporate the CCSS into my lessons
-develop a timeline to map out the technology themes and sessions for all grades
-teach students how to log in (local server & Google Drive for 2nd grade)
-show students how to create presentations, digital stories, create videos, create mind maps, do research and create digital portfolios
-incorporate keyboarding skills into a variety of projects
-work with Karen Erickson to create/modify the technology curriculum
-collaborate with Katie Cahill to determine skills students need for classroom technology integration
-instruct and model digital citizenship
-develop "I can" statements for all lessons/units
-create a positive environment for all learners to help each child succeed