Where I Stand

By Alex Sarkissian

Municipal government responsibilities

Construction/ Building Permits

Construction has been very busy lately in Markham. Buildings, farms, and older homes are being taken down in Markham so that people can make even more homes for even more people. At this point there are so many houses and building that there is no room in Markham to build more farms, or resourceful buildings. I think that to get a building permit people should go through a bigger process, that takes more time then usual so that less people would want to go through the process. Where I stand right now, I am not able to do to much about the amount of construction, and the amount of building permits being given.

Bus Transits

Bus transits have been very important lately. One reason is that there are much more students that are using the bus now then there was in the past years. A lot of people apart of the Markham community have been very happy about the amount of buses that are being used in the city, and the hours that the buses are going till. One reason taking the bus has been a pain is because the fair has been very expensive in Markham. Where I stand, I think that since there are a lot of people taking the bus, there should be a decrease with the amount of money students should pay. Over all, Markham has done a very good job with the bus systems in the community, but can make some minor adjustments.

Road Maintenance

Lately roads in Markham have not been maintained properly. To many roads are being built at once, which makes the lanes decrease, and the traffic move at a slow pace. Roads that are in the making have been causing people to make lots of traffic which waists a lot of peoples time. But, after the roads are built there will be more lanes for people to drive on, which makes it better for saving peoples time, and it makes it better for the new drivers by making less traffic. Where I stand, whenever I go to school or come back at night There is always a lot of traffic which makes a 5-10 minute ride, a 15-25 minute ride. Workers should try to make a more efficient way for traffic to flow while roads are in the making.