Up, Up and away to Mongolia.

A beautiful place in the eastern hemisphere

Why? should you do this you say

Well because I know that you are a hardworking person (well some of you are) and you are tired of people being everywhere you look! If you do this deal you will see......

  • The Naadam festival is in the summer
  • The ancient art of horse racing
  • Mongolian wrestling and archery
  • Horse and camel treks around the Lake Khovsgol area
  • Altai Tavan Bogd Mountain has climbing, hiking routes, and mountain biking
  • The Kherlen River has canoeing, rafting and swimming.
  • Khuumei, a form of traditional singing where the performers use their voices to make high-pitched whistles and nature-like sounds
  • Tsuur music, which is created using a type of wooden pipe combined with vibration created from the performer's throat
  • Tours, and more
If you go to Mongolia you can get all this and more!

It is only a plane landing away.