Career : Nurse

Fiorela Taushani

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Career Description

  • Work along with doctors

  • Take care after patients

  • Maintain medical record

  • X-ray and other diagnostic units

  • Surgical and recovery units

  • Helicopter and ambulances , caring for patients

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Perform physical exams

  • Treating medical emergencies

  • Observing and recording patient’s behavior

  • Performing diagnostic tests

Education and Training

  • 2 year community college

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Diploma programs , that are offered in the hospitals , last 3 years

Preferred Job Skills

  • Creative

  • Patient

  • Communicative

  • Gentle

Job Outlook

  • There will always be jobs for nurses

  • It might increase because there are too many people in here

  • There will be a guaranteed job for nurses


  • It can vary

  • Between $45,000 to more than $60,000

Work environment

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Homes

Working Conditions

  • Working conditions are always good

  • Protected all the time

The disadvantages are :

  • Lifting patients or boxes

  • Working for long hours on the feet

Career Connections

  • They love their jobs

  • Variety of fields

  • Connection with patients

  • Good environment

Related Courses At Leyden

  • Spanish Club (It’s very helpful because many words about anatomy are in Spanish)

  • Biology (We can learn about many things , cells , blood circulation , systems etc)

    • Ecology Club (Nurses care for the patients health , and learning more how to make the environment better would be nice)

    • Medical Careers (will help us make good choices about our nursing career)


  1. Bardhyl Z. (Guardian - Cousin)

  2. M.Karcz (Teacher)

  3. M.Dembkowski (Teacher)

Post Secondary Plan

  • Going two years to community college , and one or two in the hospital .
Stanford Nurses: What It Means To Be A Nurse