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Momentum for Life supports Healthy Orphans, Healthy Future

Momentum for Life proudly donates!

The following health and wellbeing package will be donated to Total World Chiropractic in support of Healthy Orphans, Healthy Future!

2 x 45 min Personal Training Sessions and 1 x 60 min Postural Assessment & Remedial Massage

VALUED AT $290.00!

C.H.E.K. and Momentum for Life

Here at Momentum For Life, we are Fitness Professionals, Bodywork Specialists, and CHEK certified trainers. What sets us apart is our dedication to look at and learn about the body as a deeply interrelated system of systems. As CHEK Practitioners we master the Primal Pattern system of movement analysis to help us determine how to get your body moving at it’s optimal.

Total World Chiropractic

Total World Chiropractic is offers chiropractic care and basic health education in a charitable way for those less fortunate. Providing chiropractic care to this group of people will remove some stress and allow them to function more optimally.

Our amazing and professional volunteers!

Ed hale

Personal Trainer, CHEK Exercise Coach, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Lvl II

Through Momentum for Life, Ed offers a variety of services to help you kick start or even improve on the journey toward your health, fitness and wellbeing goals. My specialties include postural assessments, program design, exercise coaching, personal & group training. More recently, Ed has focused his work on helping prepare clients for various sporting and recreational events such as junior rugby, snow skiing, trekking (Nepal/Himalayas, Simpson Desert, Inca Trail, Patagonia, Coastal Trek), ocean paddling, triathlon, running, defence force recruitment and yoga.

Cris Mills

“Family, good food, happiness, surfing, being active, traveling, and continuing to learn about the human body, healing, and improvement... that's what my life is all about.” - Cris

Cris' involvement in sports and athletics started at a young age and has spanned his entire lifetime with interests ranging from kung-fu, soccer, cross country, soccer, rock climbing, boxing, spear fishing and of extreme importance to him, surfing. With a committed interest to performance training and exercise coaching, Cris has been fortunate to work with a dynamic range of clientele. Through years of work and continued learning, he has refined his approach to identifying the specific needs of clients physical, nutritional, emotional, orthopaedic states, and identifying the most efficient approach to their improvement no matter what their goal.