Panther Updates

September 21-25

Science of Happiness

*Disclaimer- This video below was shared at our Senior Leadership meeting last week. It's a great video about how expressing gratitude can actually increase your happiness but there are a couple inappropriate words. It is still worthy of a share but it should be an ADULT ONLY video though.
The Science of Happiness - An Experiment in Gratitude

Growth Plan Meetings- The First Time is Always the Hardest

Than you all for taking the time to sit down and develop a purposeful growth plan for this school year. As we are all drafting our first growth plan we made a few adjustments and are planning to finalize those plans by Friday the 25th.
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It's Debbie HammerTime

Plan to bring your device at 4pm next Tuesday in Ms. Naegele's room. Debbie Hammer will be assisting us in a "How-to" canvas course and some personal training based on the survey feedback you provided her. (30-45 minutes)

Reading A-Z Resource Share

Kyle recently attended a training for ELP Tutors and has a helpful resource to share with us after HammerTime.

Week at a Glance

Monday- Fire Drill 9:25am
Tuesday- Innovation Team Meeting 8am (Meyer's Room), Project Team @ 2pm, Janie out for Training, Professional Learning w/ Hammertime @ 4pm (Naegele's Room)
Wednesday- Math Team Meetings
Thursday- PTA Movie Night- Late Night at the Book Fair
Friday- Growth Plans Finalized, BIG EVENT, Pennies for Portland Ends
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Book Fair Details

This year the book fair is being run by our friendly library staff and PTA volunteers. The book fair will be set up each day from 12-3pm and Thurday from 12-6pm.

Students are allowed to come to the book fair and fill out a wish list during their recess time and are then able to shop with money sent during their lunch or recess time.

Engaging. Relevant. Personal. Every Learner- Every Day

Great Video Decribing Blended Learning- Good Support for Open House Questions

What is Blended Learning? (short)

Social Committee Love- Thanks to our 5th grade and Art Teachers

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Cut & pasted from

Kyle Pace is a Missouri educator (from the KC area). He challenges my thinking on a regular occasion. Check out his website and/or follow him on twitter @kylepace

10 Things to Make This Year More Than

School has either just started or is getting ready to. What goals have you set for yourself this year? What do you want to “make this year more than” for 2015-2016? I thought of a few that came to mind.

  1. Make this year more than ‘just being a teacher’. Don’t forget to be a learner too.
  2. Make this year more than being seen as ‘just a teacher’ to your students. Relationships matter.
  3. Make this year more than retweets, favorites, likes, followers, etc. That’s not what being a connected educator is about.
  4. Make this year more than a test for your students. Create learning with meaning in your classroom.
  5. Make this year more than using tech just to use tech. Get students creating more than they’re consuming.
  6. Make this year more than just one way for students to show their learning. Give students choices that are engaging. Technology offers some seriously cool opportunities for this.
  7. Make this year more than using social media to post homework. Show students what it’s like to connect with and learn from brilliant minds all over the world.
  8. Make this year more than just talking about going to an edcamp. Commit to go and change how you view professional development forever.
  9. Make this year more than the 4 walls of your classroom. Have students become publishers for a larger audience than the teacher and their classmates.
  10. Make this year more than one content area. Mix it in with the arts as much as possible.

What would you add? What do you want to make this year more than?