Boycott School Time

Get Ready To Be Late

This boycott will prove to the administration that a student's brain needs extra sleep during it's growing stages and that we can't concentrate so early in the morning.

Time To Be Late

Friday, Feb 1st, 10:45am-3pm

901 Garden Street

Kendallville, IN

New School Hours

Period 1: 2:25-2:58

Period 2:10:45-11:00

Period 3: 11:06-11:28

Period 4: 11:33-1:12

Lunch A 11:33-11:58

Lunch B 12:01-12:27

Lunch C 12:47-1:12

AL: 1:18-1:38

Period 5: 1:43-2:25

Arrive Late to Arrive in Style