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March 2019

2019 State Competitors

We are so proud of all 65 of our 2019 State Competitors!

We are excited to announce that 44 of our students were finalists, placing in the top 8 in the state! 33 of those placed in the top 5 (or top 4 for written events) and have advanced on to the International Career Development Conference in Orlando, FL next month!


The following students will be advancing to the International Career Development Conference in Orlando at the end of April! Congrats to these students!!!!

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•Eliana Safer-1st place-HRM

•Meghan Abbott-1st Place-PFN

•Kirsten Webb-5th place-PMK

•Andrei Matei-5th place-Pers.Finance Lit.

•Kylee Stoner-4th place-IMCP

•Hannah Sutt, Leah Kitchen, Savannah Dew-1st place-IMCE

•Corin Bishoff & Caleigh Kinder-3rd Place-CSP

•Zoya Anderson, Braxton Anderson, & Mackenzie Hicks-2nd Place-LEP

•Trey Moore & Matthew Gillespie-4th place-EIP

•Brooklyn Rippy & Abby Rollins-2nd place-EIB

•Paige Ayers & Hayeon Ryou-3rd place-FOR

•Nikita Menon & Mikayla Jones-2nd place-SEOR

•Hannah Hunter, Madison Howe,& Mikayla Brawner-2nd place-CMP

•Zoe Cantrell-1st place-FLPP

•Kathryn Mouchette, Peyton Buzako & Audrey Baird-SBER

•Alexander Oldham-2nd Alternate-BSM

Tanner Carson & Taylor Carson-4th place-EBG

Rachel Baker & Ashley Williams-4th place-PRP

The following were finalists and placed in the top 8 overall for their event at State:

  • Bill Mouchette, Zack Morgan, & Sophie Harris -1st alternate-BOR
  • Ezekiel Cook-7th place-SEM
  • Anniston Wills, Abby Boyte, & Megan Mason-7th place- IMCS
  • Maggie Gillespie & Savannah Payne-7th place-HTOR
  • Sierra Formanek & Mason Hull-7th place-IBP

At our Mini Awards Banquet, the following students placed in one of their role plays and/or test scores:

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  • Alexander Oldham-2nd place in Role Play 2-BSM
  • Andrei Matei-Top 5 in Role Play 1-Personal Fin. Lit
  • Aniston Wills, Abby Boyte, Megan Mason-1st place in Role Play-IMCS
  • Delanie Porter-Top 5 in Role Play 2-AAM
  • Eliana Safer-1st Place in Test, Top 5 in Role Play 1, 1st place in Role Play 2-HRM
  • Hannah Sutt, Leah Kitchen, Savannah Dew-1st Place in Role Play-IMCE
  • Hannah Sutt-1st Place in Test-IMCE
  • Kylee Stoner-1st Place in Test-IMCP
  • Meghan Abbott-2nd place Test, 1st place Role Play- PFN
  • Paige Roberson-3rd place in Test-STDM
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Senior State Competitors

Take a look at our Station Camp DECA Facebook Page for additional pictures from our trip!

International Career Development Conference

Thursday, April 25th, 8am to Thursday, May 2nd, 3pm

Orlando, FL, USA

Orlando, FL

Spring Field Trip

This field trip took the students behind the scenes to learn how entrepreneurship, marketing, and tourism play a role in the overall success of Nashville. Students went to Top Golf, Opryland Hotel, Opry Mills, and Grand Ole Opry.

DECA Banquet

Thursday, May 9th, 6:30pm

Gallatin, TN, USA

Gallatin, TN

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Members of our business community are a vital part of the success of our DECA program! If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Station Camp High School business partner, please click the button above to fill our our interest form!

About Us

We are a group of high school students working to become skilled in the field of marketing through our involvement in DECA, a program designed to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. DECA is an international organization involving more than 215,000 students worldwide. Our hope as a school chapter is to make an impact on our school, community, and state by working hard to shape our country's future business men and women.

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2018-2019 Officers

CEO- Bill Mouchette

VP of Public Relations- Nikita Menon

VP of Communications - Taylor Haber

VP of Chapter Relations - Zoya Anderson