Haitian Revolution

Fever Model, By Jacob Murillo

Phase 1: Incubation Stage

-The population of African Slaves in Haiti outnumbered their white owners to a nine to one ratio.

- The white owners of the slaves new that if the slaves were to rebel then they would lose everything, so they threatened them hoping it would bring down any hope they had.

- The few African slaves that did stand up for themselves experienced whipping and burning to be put back in place by the white population.

Phase 2: Symptomatic Stage

- In Haitian during 1791 in Saint Domingue their was the first Slave Rebellion

- On August 29, 1793 Sonthonax ended slavery, Sonthonax was a French Girondist and Abolitionist.

-During this time Haitian was under control by Napoleonic Rule.

Phase 3: Crisis Stage

-The Rebellion was lead by Dessalines through the entire rebellion.

-The Battle of Vertieres was a major battle in the Haitian Revolution.

-The French started to weaken when they we blocked by British, also Napoleon was unwilling to continue sending reinforcement.

Phase 4: Convalescence Stage

-In 1804 Haiti was declared has a free republic.

-Haiti was the first Latin American independent nation and the only nation to gain its independence through a successful slave rebellion.

-In order for France to recognize that Haiti had gained their independence they had to pay 60 million Francs, which is equivalent to 61,830,937.73 Dollars.


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