Independent Study Updates

Almost May, 2017

Six weeks left in the school year! Oh my!

Dear Students and Parents,

Before we know it, the school year will be over. There are several upcoming events detailed below. Please read through this entire update so you are informed!

In case I don't get around to creating another newsletter before the year ends I just want to take a moment to express how much I have enjoyed working with each of my students this year. This particular group of students has been kind, empathetic, compassionate, talented, bright, hard-working and so much fun. Every day I witness my students treat each other with respect and dignity. I love this and am extremely grateful to each of you. In your own way, you are all gifted people who express your unique talents and share little pieces of your lives with each other and with me. I am grateful.


Upcoming Events

  1. Weeks of April 24th- End of May- Smarter Balance Testing for Grade 10 and 11.
  2. April 27th- Last day to drop a community college class with a W and avoid a failing grade on your permanent college transcript. Talk to me now if you aren't passing a community college course.
  3. Monday, May 1st- School holiday. The ISP classroom will be closed, but, community college classes meet.
  4. Wednesday, May 3rd 12:30 Discussion with International Students from Malaysia and Pizza! Sign up in the classroom. More details below.
  5. Friday, May 5th- The ISP classroom will be closed as I will be at the district office all day as part of an interview panel.
  6. Week of May 8th- Submit completed/signed Concurrent Enrollment forms for fall semester community college courses. Our registration date is May 16th and forms must be turned in prior to registration. You can register later, but, classes fill up quickly.
  7. Week of May 20th- Finals week for community college classes.
  8. Monday, May 29th- Memorial Day No school
  9. Wednesday, May 31st- Seniors- All ISP work needs to be completed for home school graduation verification.
  10. Thursday, June 1st- Independent Study Graduation at Canada College. Building 6 Room 101/102 at 3:00 PM. Come celebrate with us!
  11. Wednesday, June 7th- Absolute last day for all ISP students to complete work for spring semester credit. Last student day.

ISP and Home School Textbook Returns

Please return all of my textbooks and novels as soon as you are finished with them. If you have books checked out from your home school return those as well.

Community College Classes Summer and Fall (Concurrent Enrollment)

If you intend to take community college courses in the summer or fall semester, please talk to me about course options.

New concurrently enrolled students must first apply to the college. I can help you with this, or you can do it from home. Click on this link to read about how to apply and access the online application. Students apply using their home school as their school of attendance.

Returning concurrently enrolled students and new concurrently enrolled students need to complete the signed College Connection form and return it to me. This form can be scanned and submitted through websmart, but, we can also turn it in to the admissions office. Here is the link to the packet. I need a copy of the signature page returned to me.

As a reminder, Independent Study students earn both high school and college credits for community college classes. It is a good deal!!! There are so many choices. Check out the printed schedule in the classroom, or log into webschedule to see course offerings from Canada, College of San Mateo and Skyline College.

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Malaysian International Student Visit

There is a group of Malaysian International Exchange students who attend Canada College. They are super fun! They will be meeting with ISP students to discuss their experiences as exchange students and how the Malaysian and United States educational systems and opportunities are different. This will be an amazing learning experience for us.

Wednesday, May 3rd at 12:30 in our classroom.

I will provide pizza.

Sign up in the classroom.

Smarter Balance Testing for Grade 10 and 11

Most students have begun taking their Smarter Balance assessments. In total, 11th grade students should plan on spending at least 5 hours on the exam. Grade 10 students are taking the Science test only, and it shouldn't take more than an hour.

All testing needs to be completed before the end of May.

Important Information for Seniors

This is a very exciting time for you. Remind yourself that you worked hard to get to this point. While it is exciting, it can also be stressful. Be mindful of how you are feeling and take time to take care of yourself. Enjoy each moment and know that the angst, stress, excitement and maybe even some fear will pass. Deep breaths and healthy thoughts help!! Talk to me if you need assistance.

Time is going fast. Make sure you spend the necessary time working on assignments. If you need a quiet place to focus, come to the classroom.

If you intend to participate in your home school graduation make sure you are included on any lists and information that seniors are receiving at your home school.

Here are some important details to remember:

  • Comprehensive schools will hold diplomas and prevent students from walking in their ceremony if there are outstanding fees-library, textbook or other fees. Make sure you are cleared. Talk to the librarian/textbook clerks at your home school now so there are no surprises.
  • Independent Study students earn their home school diploma. Your diploma can be picked up right after the home school graduation or through the counseling office the week after graduation (which will be way less hectic).
  • Home schools need to know that ISP students have completed all coursework by May 31st. All ISP and Apex work must be finished by this date.

Class of 2017 Independent Study Graduation

Our ISP graduation is Thursday, June 1st at 3:00.

Graduates need to arrive by 2:15 so we can have a practice before the real deal. The audience will be allowed in the room after our practice, so please be on time.

  • Invitations are available in the classroom.
  • We are recording the senior video clips this week. See me if you haven't done yours yet. Yes, we are all doing this!
  • A couple of parents are emailing you requesting a current and baby/toddler picture. You can scan the pictures and send them to the parents, or bring pictures to me.
  • Our caps/tassels should arrive next week. Appropriate decorations are encouraged, but, not required.
  • Start thinking now about what you want to say at our graduation.
  • We don't hand out real diplomas at our graduation....

This event is all about celebrating you and your accomplishments. It will be memorable.

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Promise Scholarship at Canada College for High School Graduates

Canada College has a brand new scholarship for high school graduates. The scholarship takes two minutes to apply for and covers: tuition, registration, fees and either all or most of your textbook costs. If you have completed the FAFSA and already applied to Canada, click on this link to apply for the scholarship. This makes Canada College just about FREE!!!

Please note that this scholarship is only available for Canada College students who take 12 units or more.

Read the information on this link and click to the bottom to apply.

25 More School Days

Stay Motivated

Stay Focused

Work Diligently

Make the most of the time we have left!!!

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Get It?