Advertising's effect on society

10 February 2016

#1 Media Literacy

Media Literacy can be defined in multiple ways depending on how one sees it, defining Media Literacy is the way you analyze media. From videos to text, doesn’t really matter what your media is other than if you get it the way it is posted, and on how you comprehend it. Media has a way of allowing the viewer to see things from multiple perspectives and doesn’t really have a wrong answer because everyone interprets everything in a different way. That’s the great part about Literacy Media there is no wrong answer. Most use Literacy Media to educate since it’s a whole bunch of things put in one, it allows students to have a better understanding of things in multiple different ways, there isn’t only one way to learn reason why it’s a great way for teachers to teach because it gives students multiple options. It gives them a better understanding on whatever subject is being taught. Not all students learn the same way so this is a great way for them to comprehend the material that is being taught.
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#2 What Will I Do

The organization that I would involve myself in would be an organization to help the people in need, with that being said it means more if actions are brought to the test. I don’t believe by me saying that I want to pursue it would make a difference as to me actually putting up a stance and putting in my part in order to help these people in need, it’s sad seeing these people with no shelter, no food, no water, no hope, reason why it would be an honor to help them. I would want to go around and collect money to make a new form of shelter for the homeless people to sleep in because we all know what it feels like to be cold but we don’t know what it feels like to have no home well not all reason why I believe that giving them something would not only give them hope but it would show them that we care. The people on the streets had a choice and obviously chose the wrong one but we can’t blame them because we weren’t there and we as humans tend to make mistakes so we can’t really judge them for making a mistake. People deserve second chances that’s why I would be willing to put myself up for this, in order to help them out as a selfless act and that’s what will make a difference.

#3 Superbowl

Superbowl Precis

In the Superbowl commercial “First Date” (2016), Kevin Hart, a widely known comedian and actor, implies that fathers and/or parents should buy themselves or their kids a Hyundai because not only does it have a tracking device installed in the car but it also has a monitor to go along with it. The author supports his thesis by showing how parents can see where their kids are going , it also points out how it’s a great car for teenagers to have since it is monitored, and it highlights the fact that parents wouldn’t have to worry about their children lying on their whereabouts. The author’s purpose in creating this commercial was to convince parents on buying the car and in order to do so they show how of the monitoring system that comes installed in the car along with the app that shows you their every turn and stop. The message goes out to parents in relation to their children going out and the author’s tone is humorous, on how they used Kevin Hart.

#4 How do you see advertising and it's impact on society? Does it reflect societal values or dictate them?

Advertising has a purpose and it’s to help the business industry. If the business industry didn’t have ads or commercials they wouldn’t have costumers meaning the business would go plummeting down reason why advertisement is so important. If you weren’t to see an ad on a billboard or a commercial on the T.V. how would you really know what’s new without viewing it yourself? Advertising has been viewed in both a positive way and negative way, its feedback comes from the perception of the individuals watching or seeing the ad. Advertising has a large impact on society because not only does it take money to create it but it also can be misinterpreted by many causing problems along with a waste of money since it wasn’t viewed by people in a positive way. What some advertisers forget at times is that children also see these ads and some aren’t age appropriate so it creates a problem with parents. Advertising is positive for the businesses because it promotes what they are trying to sell, the more they advertise the more views they’ll get hoping for large amount of buyers. Advertising gives the viewer’s choices to make because not only one company makes a product, it’s a competition for them to get more people to buy ones product rather than the other company’s product reason why ads are important to them, they have trouble catching the peoples eye reason why some go all in or all out on their ads.

#5 How Media Manipulates

How Media Manipulates

Commercials are meant to advertise products, they use special holidays to promote whatever their product is. The reason these commercials are prime examples of hypocrisy is on how they take couples or actors and make the scene all about love and at the end it’ll most likely advertise the product. The commercial isn’t focused on the couple but the product being advertised and shown in the scene so once it airs men will get an idea of what he should get his partner. Valentine’s Day to most people is a day to show their love for one another even though people don’t have to have a special day in order to show this. Commercials basically take advantage of the fact women love gifts and the men know that on this day it’s about making her feel loved with gifts of course that’s just a given. Commercials show guys sending flowers, taking their partner out to eat but with a gift being given such as a necklace or whatever the commercial is promoting. Women will obviously see these commercials and want that same feeling that the female seen in the commercial feels. Commercials aren’t based off emotions but off the views they get knowing that men will spend money in order to make the women feel as they’re wanted and loved.

#6 Fixing Apple

Allison Sandoval


British Lit 1st

25 February 2016

Fixing Apple

Technology and privacy can be put into one category reason being that if someone were to have a smartphone or whatever phone it may be they should have every right to keep what they have on their phone to themselves. For the US to want to force the Apple company to unlock a phone for their own reasoning’s/purposes is not right because that is invading someone’s property in my opinion, yes it may be useful to solve something or to get answers but its something they have no right in doing. Syed Farook’s private information should be kept to himself and for the federal judge to order Apple to unlock the phone puts them in a tight spot but they have refused, it’s not fair to the other people that have IPhones to be afraid on what the new software can do if it falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, the Apple Company has no need to fix anything that needs no fixing as far as the federal judge and the US officials go they can get information in other ways. What the Apple Company is afraid of is that it may plummet if it were to make the new software because of the fear of hackers.

#7 Agree or Disagree

Thinking upon knowing the truth or a tale on what's really happening in society or in our environment is what the reporters are made to do, to let us as the citizens know what to fear or what to act upon. The reporters should not have to send anything to the government about what they put on T.V. as long as it's the truth and telling us citizens what is coming up in the near future whether it be a negative thing or positive thing. If it were to be a negative impact upon our economy then we should have the right to know so that we could be prepared and if it were to be a positive thing we'd be able to celebrate or be at ease without worrying. The government would want that power to keep secrets from us citizens in order to make us believe they have everything under control and so we don't start riots or turn our backs against them. Thinking about it, the government wouldn't have all the power they do if we didn't give it to them, we give them our trust and basically put our lives in their hands thinking they'd keep us safe. Not having reporters report the truth throughout the news shouldn't be allowed because our economy would fall apart all together, without the truth what kind of lives are we really living? What kinds of things are being put in our heads? How many lies are we living off of? Having the truth given to us can shape a future for us all.

#8 Politifact

Allison Sandoval


British Lit 1st

21 March 2016


On February 23rd, 2016 the former candidate Donald Trump made a statement during his campaign speech stating, “The U.S. “doesn’t make television sets anymore.” What was said was evidently true, no television set that was checked said “made in USA” they have all been imported to the U.S. from other countries. With that being said there was something interesting, in the article it said that the Politifact Virginia had found evidence on how the United States assembles the televisions from foreign parts but they do not make them, this just shows to tell that we aren’t really building much. Trump told us the truth, from my stand point I agree that nothing that we have is made here in the U.S. much of it comes from China and other parts of the world.

On March 2nd, 2016 republican runner up Donald Trump juxtaposed The Great Wall of China with his proposal on building a wall on the Mexican border in his very own words he argued saying, “The Great Wall of China, built 2,000 years ago, is 13,000 miles (long).” He argues that they really only need 1,000 miles rather than the 13,000 miles, as so he claims to be the length, The Great Wall of China is. I believe creating this wall on the boarder isn’t really all that necessary, the wall was built for protection but what protection is really needed? Only reason he is trying to build this wall is to keep immigrants out but immigrants come from all parts of the world, how would he fix that?

On Friday, March 11th, 2016 Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio stated at a GOP debate at the University of Miami that, “Foreign aid “is less than 1 percent of our federal budget.” He is opposing to any cut backs on foreign aid as long as it’s used wisely unlike Trump who is wanting to cut back on foreign aid and other military spending in which I don’t think is right. The military does much to protect the civilians as well as the country, I believe that some of the spending isn’t reasonable but most of it is reason why they shouldn’t cut back on the aid, nor for the foreign countries.

Last but not least, on Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 former democratic candidate Hilary Clinton announced the following in her speech posted on Medium, “Gun violence is by far the leading cause of death for young African American men, outstripping the next nine causes of death combined.” Clinton was making a true statement because of all the killings that have occurred in the past year. Clinton has a good point ranging in the ages 15-24, the deaths from homicide are larger than any other ways of dying. I believe Clinton made a broad point and also believe the rules should be more strict on the usage of a gun is and/or the rules on purchasing one.

#9 Ain't Rebellion Fine

Rebellions are significant in some ways, it has a meaning behind it for the people to know what needs to change or to show what people believe in. In this case it’s about the African Americans who sacrificed their lives or their people since they didn’t have the same rights as white people. What made these rebellions so powerful was on how the black community did it for the sake of their people, for the sake of their own rights because all believed every being should have the right to stand up and not be discriminated on the color of their skin. Now not all of the rebellions were between African Americans and White people but between all. The reason people were inspired to rebel was on how they weren’t treated equal, an example is Nat Turner’s Rebellion. Turner rebelled for the sake of his beliefs, he got people to side with him and kill his master and his master’s family in order to show the town they weren’t afraid anymore and that they were willing to put forth a fight. Of course he got away with multiple murders till a white male spotted him and had him hung where after he was dead he was skinned and had other things done to his body in anger. What Turner did in order to get people to side with him was tell them how unfair their lives were and how they were being treated unfairly. Also that they didn’t deserve to be treated like dirt but yet still were. In today’s political climate we have uprisings too, probably not as bad to some but for example on how multiple young african american males are being shot to death by police officers. The black community s holding them responsible for everything and is looking for the closure. The young males were innocent but still had their lives taken for what reason exactly if they weren’t armed? It’s the same thing that occurred in the past but now in worse cases how these young boys didn’t even have a weapon on them or anything, or now that we are all equal beings.

#10 Government Wins Again


George Orwell’s book 1984 has a character who has some similar characteristics as Edward Snowden. Snowden is a man who made headlines in 2013 after leaking some top secret information only because he didn’t feel as if the practices he was doing were right. Now a lot of people have their own views and comments on what he did but in relation to the book Winston is a similar being on how he does things because he doesn’t feel as if they were right either. Winston goes against what Big Brother’s rules because he feels as if the way the citizens are living isn’t right that by erasing much of their memories and vocabulary is only making them numb basically. Winston wants to rebel for everyone’s sake not only his, he feels unhappy reason why he writes in the diary so he can tell the future what he had to go through to make it to wherever he gets in the future to matter or to allow whoever gets the book to read it and to know what he went through. The way Winston and Snowden are different is on the way they do things. Winston rebels but by doing the things he isn’t supposed to do such as have sexual intercourses with a female who he is attracted to, he has a diary and writes everything down. On the other hand Snowden lies saying he had a medical reason to leave and then travels out the country to Hong Kong, China to speak with a journalist on what he felt was wrong and from there it was leaked on to the newspapers. Another difference is on how Snowden gets caught of course on how the things he told the journalist were put on the newspaper in which went viral and that’s what led him to getting caught.

#11 Technology sent from Heaven

Science and Technology

George Orwell’s definition of science and technology isn’t as many see it today, he proposed that science was one’s form of making an opinion on something clear along with one thinking of a solution to whatever problem and/or situation they face. Technology is like a mind game that forces one to get trapped in the thoughts of that they see, they get lost in the unreal. Most people don’t see things like George Orwell because of how the generations have changed and all but I personally don’t see anything wrong with that.

#12 Happiness vs. Freedom

Freedom vs. Happiness

In my opinion I would rather be happy then have my freedom because not only does being happy and positive allow you to live longer but it allows your mind to be at ease. What can you really do if you weren’t happy but had your freedom? There really wouldn’t be a point in having your freedom if you were sad, it would just mean that you had no rules or regulations placed upon you but would that really make you happy just doing as you please. One can’t be happy and have no freedom but go on a rebellious act and do as one pleases because not all human beings will follow the rules and regulations, some will act and rebel it’s just one’s choice to do so. Not having your freedom is a right no one should ever take because everyone deserves to have it unless they commit a crime in which they have that consequence. Having my happiness is much more important to me because it allows me to think there will be change in the future or that there’s hope out there for one. Snowden exemplifies this because he rather look out for his people than to have the information in his hands and allow it to go unseen or unheard of. Some don’t see the good in his action but he lost his rights to protect our country but is happy he allowed it to go viral.

#13 Gaslighting

Allison Sandoval


British Lit. 1st

26 April 2016


Gaslighting is a term not much are familiar with but has an impact on many by manipulating themselves to switch up their own words and contradict much that is said in public making themselves look bad in front of a live audience. Gaslighting has gotten popular by the recent years because of the politicians who say one thing on tv but then say something else later on in their election just for their own benefit in winning the election. Hilary Clinton is one of the many who has used gaslighting, for example, she was first saying things about gay marriage and now all of a sudden she supports it? No, it’s all an act so she can get the vote she needs and desires. One way we can hold people accountable for what they say is by basically calling them out on it because it isn’t a good thing for people to switch their words up just for the good it’ll do them. The things people speak upon and believe in shouldn’t change for votes they should be stated in the way that individual's mind is set. Not many care about the things they say and can be so careless that they don’t even realize they’ve contradicted what they said before.

#14 Auto-correct Humanity

Autocorrecting Humanity

How can we autocorrect humanity? The only real way to autocorrect humanity is by changing all in one. We all are so focused on the likes we get on instagram or more focused on how many followers we have that we begin to lose the real purpose in communication. Humanity as a whole has forgotten the real meaning of socializing, we have forgotten who we are due to the lack of going out and experiencing new things. Most are trapped behind screens, most begin to fall under being someone else. They get so caught up in fame, in order to change our humanity it’ll take much effort knowing it’s been a long trip for some to be liked behind a fake profile. The video had a broad point, it has not increased social media it has actually increased ANTI social media. We should take breaks from social media and if that’s not what people want to do they could just manage their time more wisely by putting a reasonable time limit on themselves so that they could have more time to do other things. Like for example, when most go on a date they most likely put it on snapchat or they’re texting instead of getting to know the person or put their time in the person. I believe that it is controllable just that people choose not to because it’s gotten them to where they are or they feel as if they control it they’ll lose their fame or likes. One can manage their time on social media and they can use it for better uses such as school work, promoting something or something productive.