Black And White

By: Paul Volponi

Main Characters

Marcus Brown (Black) -A senior in high school whom is very popular. Marcus is on the Varsity Basketball team and many college recruiters want him. He has been receiving many scholarship but he has yet to decide which one to choose. Marcus family get very low income and is therefore poor.

Eddie (White) - Eddie is very similar to marcus in many ways. Marcus is also a varsity basketball player whom is very popular. Eddie has received many scholarship offers but is also undecided on which one to choose. Eddie's family is a little bit more financially stable than Marcus but they still consider them selfs poor.

Protagonist Problem?

In this case, both Marcus and Eddie are the protagonist. Eddie and Marcus are very low on cash and need to get money as soon as possible for sneakers, senior class events, and other minor things. They both try to save up money but this is just not enough.

Protagonist Memorable Moment

Eddie and Marcus need cash as soon as possible, they were desperate for cash. Eddie brought up the idea that they should start sticking people up (Robbing them) for easy and fast cash, Marcus went along with it. Eddie got a hold of his dead grandfathers .38 Caliber handgun and that's how they started to rob people.
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Protagonist Important Action

Eddie and Marcus saw a guy outside a movie theater and they believed he was an easy target. Eddie approached the guy and pointed the gun at him and accidentally shot him. Marcus and Eddie were both terrified about what happened and didn't know what to do. The both started sprinting on different direction without saying a word to each other.

Antagonist Problem

The Antagonist in this situation is the the police officers. They're on the lookout for the criminals that have been robbing people through out the city.

Antagonist Important Action

The guy that Eddie shot was seriously injured but he survived. The police questioned the victim and were able to get a positive ID on Marcus, not Eddie. The police officers came and arrested Marcus in the middle of one of his varsity games.

Opinion on Characters

Marcus is Eddie's best friend. They have known each other for years. Marcus considers Eddie his brother even if he is a different skin color.

My opinion on the the Protagonist character is that they are very loyal to each other. Their friendship is unique in many ways.