Mission to Mars

Mars can be ours if we shoot for the stars!

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Comparing Mars and Earth

Mars and Earth are very closely similar do to rotation time, tilt of the planets axis, and both having the same sun in their solar system. They are different because of revolution time, number of moons, time for moon to revolve planet.

Day and Night on Mars

Day and night does happen do to the planet rotating around sun and certain areas will get amounts of sun at different times of the day. Mars rotates around the sun at a 25 degree angle.

It’s similar because to have day and night, both planets rotate on their axis and they both share the sun. It is different because Mars’ day is 24 hours and 39 minutes, and Earth’s day is 23 hours and 7 minutes.

Phases of the Moon

like Earth it’s a planet, it has a sun, moons that revolve around the planet which can go in New and Full Moon position, and they can line up with the same planet. The phases will be different because their are two moons instead of one.

Mars will not have tides because their are no oceans on Mars.

Seasons on Mars

Mars will have seasons. The seasons will be similar to Earth’s because the seasons are caused from the tilt on the planet's axis and it orbits the sun.The seasons will be different because they’re will be more siver because the tilt on the axis is 252 degrees compared to 23.5 degrees.

Mars' Years

Mars will have years. They will be different than the years on Earth because Mars revolution time is 686.98 days. Earth is 365.25 days. They will also be similar because they both revolve around the sun.

Mars' Eclipses

Like Earth the Sun, Moons, and Mars will line up to create eclipses. It will be different from Earth because there will be two lunar and solar eclipses one after another each time instead of one at a time.