The Tiger's Roar

Week of 9/5/2021

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From The Principal's Desk: Dr. Otway

Making a Difference

An old man walking along the beach came upon a child sifting thought debris left night's tide. Every so often, he would pick up a starfish and toss it back to the sea. The old man asked him the purpose of the efforts. The tide has washed the starfish on to the beach. There are more starfish than you can ever save. You can not make a difference. The child bent to pick up another starfish and sent it back to the ocean. Then he looked at the man, smiled and replied, I can make a difference to this one.


By Lorei Eisely

This is why we are her for you and your scholar(s) to help make a difference as we move towards this Journey to Excellence


What a wonderful kick off to our Princeton's Food Giveaway! We would like to give a HUGE shoutout to our newest business partners. Anthem, iHeart IMPACT, Heat of America and the Atlanta Dream WNBA Basketball team.


We want all staff and all scholars, in uniform every Monday. We wear our College Park uniforms to show a sense of belonging and school pride. So come on Tigers and let's show that school pride!!!



The house of Respect "TORA" 11,508 points

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Every week each student earn points and points are added up at the end of the week to see which house came in 1st place. . Come on scholars let's earn those point so that your house will come in first place next week. . Also don't forget scholars every Friday is house color spirit day. We want to see 100% of each house in their color.
Princeton's Leadership Academy has their Monday meeting every Monday and will meet in the café. Each Monday they wear their leadership colors. grey (4th grade) and royal blue (5th grade).

Month at a Glance

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Upcoming Events

We are so excited to launch our first Princeton's Food Giveaway.

Parents please don't forget to register your family today.


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We need all parents to sign up for College Park Elementary School Dojo and their Teacher's Class Dojo This is different from your child's Class Dojo. The link is here Please sign up and receive all the great, fun, and important information.


This graph is showing a weekly report of how many students came to school everyday this week. WE are going to turn this into competition. THE WINNER OF THIS WEEK IS ........

1st - 4th Grade

2nd - 1st and 3rd Grade

3rd - Kindergarten

Let's see what grade level will place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd next week.

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School Communication

College Park Elementary School

College Park Elementary opened its doors as a new facility in August 2015. We are conveniently located in the City of College Park's downtown area. Our school attracts many local businesses and organizations that work collaboratively in support of our Journey to Excellence.

We need all scholars at school every day and on time. Now we do understand that you may have doctor appointments, children getting sick, and family emergency. Please contact you child's teacher and send a note when your child returns to school.

School Time:

  • School day begins promptly at 7:40 a.m.
  • School day end at 2:20 pm