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Family Edition Vol. 1 [2022-2023]

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Principal's Message

Dear Mustang Families,

Welcome to our 2022-2023 School Year! It was a JOYFUL opening. I was so happy to see all the students and staff in person.

We opened the first day by greeting ALL students in the auditorium for an assembly with me, the assistant principals, guidance counselors, deans, paraprofessionals, and teachers.

Our stop and drop line seems to be running smoothly. Thank you to all caregivers and families who follow the traffic rules. Please do not cross over the two lanes or the cones. You will be able to turn onto Elizabeth Street or Clove Lakes Place once you get to the corner. Please drive slow.

There is only a small window of time students can use their cell phones. During their scheduled lunch period, they may use their cell phones appropriately. Students cannot video or photograph anywhere or anyone in the school. Cell phones cannot be used in the hallways or classrooms.

Students will have some gym classes outside and ALL students will go outdoors for recess. Please dress appropriately. Scroll down below for guidance on outdoor play.

This month we will spend time learning about each other, getting to know each other well. We implemented a new program this school year, CREW! Take a look at The Power of Crew (video link) to get an idea about the impact of this program. All sixth grade students will meet with their Crew three times a week. Seventh and Eighth grade students will meet with their CREW two times a week. They will have at least one adult or one person they can connect with. They will build powerful relationships within CREW.

We are looking forward to an amazing school year together. We will learn, fail, succeed, grow, re-learn and more this year!

Yours truly,

Eileen Barone, Principal

Main Office

Our main office hours are 7:45 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Picking Up Children From School

Students should not be picked up after 1:30 p.m. from school. If they need to go home early, they need to be picked up before 1:25 p.m. or you can meet them at 1:55 p.m. dismissal.
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Notes from our Family Coordinator, Cathy Mayo


-Free Breakfast available at 7:15 am.

-Classes begin at 7:40 am - Be Prepared & Be On Time.

-Be sure your contact information is correct. Check on your NYC School Account.

Any changes, please let us know.


If you are dropping your child off. Please keep Safe.

Please pull up closest to the corner of Clove Lake Place and Elizabeth Street.

Always let your child out of your car on the side of the school, not on the side of oncoming traffic.

Thank you for your support

For Dismissal at 1:55 pm - If you are picking up your child-

**Students will be dismissed from the closest exit of their last period class. This means everyday they can come out of a different exit.** Check with your child to know their room number of their last class.

My Suggestion to make it easier for you-

Pick a place to meet everyday so that you do not have to remember the different areas every day to pick up your child.

Cathy Mayo, Parent Coordinator.

Thank you.

The Power of Crew (video below)

Social Emotional Learning Corner

As we jump into the new school year and return to our regular daily routines, we must remember to set aside time to check in with ourselves and our children. One of the most vital parts of maintaining communication and building/expanding relationships with your child is ensuring you are actively listening. Creating a mindful environment, allows your child to know and believe at that specific moment what you are doing with them takes priority.

Below are different tips you are able to utilize to maintain active listening:

  • Stop what you're doing, and give your child your full attention
  • Look at your child while they're talking to you
  • Ask follow-up questions; "What happened after that?"
  • Listen without interrupting, judging, or correcting

Remember adolescent years are the trickiest years but together the greatest foundation can be created.

Check out the slides from the 6th Grade Orientation! (click link below)

NYCDOE Guideline for Playing Outdoors

In cold weather, students should still be allowed to play outside whenever possible. Unless it’s snowing, there is ice on the playground, or the wind-chill factor is below zero degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius), schools should not prohibit outdoor play based on the outdoor temperature alone. On very cold days, school staff should make sure that students cover up skin, wear warm clothing, and use several layers to stay warm.

Adult Evening Classes

We will be having evening Adult GED & ESL classes. Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 5:45 pm until 9 pm. Registration is done during this time as well.

Any questions, please let me know.

Cathy Mayo, Parent Coordinator

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Eileen Barone, Principal

It's a Beautiful Day to Learn.

Together, We Make this School a Success!