Knightly News

John F. Kennedy Learning Center

Week of February 29, 2016

SHOUT OUTS To our Wonderful Knights!!!

  • Huge gigantic thank you to both Ms. Johnson and Mr. Quijano, for stepping up and lending a hand in our 3rd grade bilingual sections!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Thank you Ms. Hernandez for all of your support in our upper grades! We appreciate all of the Saturdays you have committed to!
  • Kudos to Dr. Rodriguez and Ms. Mora for keeping your data walls updated (and informative)! Great way to inspire higher student achievement!
  • What a wonderful job Ms. McNeil, Mr. Rivera, and Ms. Prieto did as part of our interview panel...I appreciate your input and perspectives!
  • Thank you Ms. L. Davis for all that you did for our Multicultural luncheon!
  • Thank you Ms. Yetts for always translating documents, I know how time consuming that can be!

Bright Spots in the Classroom!

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Small Groups! Small Groups! Small Groups!

During spot observations this week I saw many small groups in session, let's keep it up! Mr. Rivera met with two groups while I was in his classroom, small group instruction was part of his rotation...way to go!
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Stations/ Rotations..that's the Name of the Game!

I enjoyed seeing the many classes utilizing stations and rotations. Great way to target certain skills, differentiate instruction and provide an opportunity for small group instruction with the teacher! Keep it up Knights!
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Engagement, MRS, whiteboards, inferencing, lots of thinking....need I say more!

During this classroom visit I saw students engaged and using their white boards to share their responses (great way to gauge student understanding from all). The best part however, was the thinking that was going on. How did they know that it was 'imaginary adventure'...well because he went to space, duh! How did they characterize the speaker? As a dreamer, adventurous, and friendless (haha). With all of these answers they had great justifications. To top it off they also used references while developing their responses, students used their Character Traits chart from their journals!
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Anchors Aweigh....

It is always great to see teachers using anchor charts for their lessons. This week I was able to see the use of anchor charts for the concept of the week in several classrooms. Remember, it is okay to post reference charts for previously taught concepts, but we should definitely see an anchor chart for current concepts! Don't forget to create your charts with the students as well!
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A teacher's passion goes a long way....

While visiting Ms. Mora and her 4th graders, I saw the passion she has for what she does. As mentioned in last week's newsletter, she has had many gains in student achievement. I do believe there is a direct correlation between a teacher's passion and student success!

On another her outfit!


Please make sure that your students are profiling their progress, this allows them an opportunity to know exactly where they are at all times. Student profiling provides a visual of whether they are on track to reach their goals or not, and if they need to make adjustments. Yes, it is time consuming, however the benefits outweigh the risks of students not knowing where they are or having goals.

Bulletin boards should display 'rigorous' work, meaning that it should fall into the top three tiers of Bloom's Taxonomy. Your bulletin board is a window into your classroom for every passerby; I know that there is so much more going on than 'recalling' or 'listing', so let's be sure to display the hard work that is taking place in your classroom. Remember that it is also an opportunity to 'show off' the work of the students, I have yet to meet a student who does not take pride in having his/her work displayed (even if they pretend to be too cool to care).

Reading Cadre Part II (K-2)

Tuesday, March 1st, 3:30pm

1802 Moser Avenue

Dallas, TX

Dr. Seuss' B-Day!

Wednesday, March 2nd, 9am

1802 Moser Avenue

Dallas, TX

Have fun with this event, you may dress up if you like! I hear Mr. Varela does a wonderful job each year, can't wait! Don't forget about the door decorating contest!