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& influences + deterrents

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➵ the truth about cocaine

Cocaine is a drug which was originally intended to be a painkiller. It is the second most trafficked illegal drug in the entire world. People take it to have a short, intense 'high'. This is followed by the opposite, depression, edginess, and wanting to have more cocaine. The drug can even make you think there are bugs crawling under your skin, a very unpleasant feeling. Cocaine is extremely addictive, and even a single use could have you hooked. There's a possibility of permanent damage to blood vessels, liver, kidney, and lungs. Some of the long-term side effects include tooth decay, delirium, psychosis, and weight loss. To quote a user of cocaine "Don’t touch cocaine. I spent two years in jail because of this drug. And when I got out, life was so hard I started taking the drug again. It’s much more extreme and degrading than we believe. At the time we don’t realize to what degree it destroys us."
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You might be wondering why some people might take drugs, even when they know full well it's bad for them. One of the main reasons that might compel someone to use drugs are their influences. Friends, classmates, role models, etc. There are many people, places, and other things that will influence you throughout your entire lifetime. As such, it is a good idea to make sure you have mostly positive influences in your life. "You are who you surround yourself with." If you hang out with people who are having a negative impact on you, it would be best to take a step back.


Deterrents are things that well, deter you from doing other things. This smore is a deterrent, meant to keep people from abusing drugs and other substances. There are many reasons to stay away from illegal drugs. Some for example, are health effects, financial situation, and the law. Those substances are illegal for a good reason.