Business Architecture Project IS251

The Process of Handling Late Comers Employees At STC


Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is the largest telecommunication services provider in the Middle East and North Africa.

It is the leading operator within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it has various investments in subsidiaries,

associates and joint ventures and it is international presences extends to 11 countries.


“As leaders in a world in of constant change, we strive to exceed our customer expectations together we share new horizons.” (STC, Saudi Telecom company, 2013)


“Focus our collective energy and efforts in capturing the emerging opportunities while managing overall challenges over the coming years.” (STC, Saudi Telecom company, 2013)

Business Objectives

1. Lead in next Generation broadband.

2. Differentiated customer experience.

3. Consolidate international leadership.

4. Invest in people capital.

5. Drive financial performance and agility.

6. Promote leading brand and reputation.

Human Resource Department

• ensures strategic business goals success through employees.

• providing adequate programs .

• assistance, guidance and tools necessary to select, retain and develop adequately qualified employees.

• organizes programs to develop the skills of all employees to create high levels of motivation and performance and to allow them to reach their full potential.

The Purpose For Choosing HR Department & How We Collected The Information

  • Why HR Department:

• we are interested in the HR department functions.

• HR department performance has drawbacks in its processes, and it should be improved.

• We want to acknowledge the deficiencies gaps in the HR department, and to propose solutions for it.

  • Collecting Information:

• By interviewing one of STC’s employees.

HR department Case

The process of handling latecomers employees in the human resource department. The purpose of this process is to develop a clear mechanism to handle employee’s late hours in the STC.

Problems in the Current Process

•The Process of handling latecomer’s employees in HR department is very complex.

•The process involves all managers’ levels and gives them additional responsibility, which is handling the latecomer’s employees, besides their main work as managers for the HR department.

Benefits of Enterprise Architecture

In STC case we used the enterprise architecture to improve business agility to..

•support dynamic change.

•eliminate duplication.

•redundancy and reduce cost of ownership.

The Current Process

Big image

To Be Process

Big image

Project Conclusion

Through this project we have analyzed and modified the process of handling latecomers employees in the HR department at the STC.

We have introduced the enterprise architecture solution to this process to improve it.

As a result, the enterprise architecture solution contributed to increasing agility, reducing the complexity in the business and speeding up the process. Enterprise architecture has become a central requirement in planning, implementing changing and evaluating performance in organization of all sizes.

Done By: Abeer Al-Zahrani & Bedoor Al-Askar & Nouf Al-Jumie