Rolled Film Camera

How it Started

Who- George Eastman

When- September of 1888

How- "You press the button, we do the rest" promised George Eastman in 1888 with this slogan for his Kodak camera. George Eastman wanted to simplify photography and make it available to everyone, not just trained photographers. In 1883, Eastman announced the invention of photographic film in rolls.

How It Works

A camera is essentially a light-tight box—that is, a chamber sealed to keep out unwanted light. During an exposure, light from the scene being photographed enters the camera through a lens. The lens contains one or more curved pieces of glass or plastic that bend the light, focusing it onto the film. The lens then projects an upside-down image of the scene onto the film. Once the picture is on the film, you take out the roll, and have it developed

Benefits of Cameras Then and Now

Film Cameras:

  • The main benefit of film cameras is photo quality. Film prints offer the best quality.
  • Another benefit of cameras that use film is their price. Even the cheapest will offer high-quality photography.
  • One more thing, is that film cameras don't need batteries, or hard drives. So if you don't have power around, your camera will still work.
  • Anyone can use them and get good pictures, not just the pros
Digital Cameras:

  • Easy way of recording with minimal effort.
  • Can be stored onto computers, so they can stay there forever
  • Its much easier to capture moving pictures


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