Miss Oczkowski's Third Grade News

Nov. 14, 2014

Report Cards

Since school began,I have seen tremendous growth in your child. As you go over the report card, I want you to keep in mind that in education, grading standards have changed over the last several years. Instead of completing worksheet after worksheet, students are completing units of study that represent a larger portion of their grade. We are preparing your child for a college or a career in their future. These assessments reflect what all third graders should be able to complete.

When you look at your child's MATH grade, they are now given a grade based on three areas. 45% of their grade is from the final test in Unit 1. The other 45% is from their REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE TASK 5. The remaining 10% is taken from daily work in class. When I meet you at conferences, I will go through your child's work with you.

Book Fair

The Book Fair opens to classrooms next Thursday and Friday. Parents are welcome to stop by or visit during the Nov. 24th and Nov. 25th conference dates. Our class will be visiting next Friday at 2:00 pm. If your child would like to bring money, please place in a sealed envelope with their name. I will hold on to them until our visit. Tax will be extra.

Enjoy your weekend.

Ms. Oczkowski