William Boeing

By: Logan Seibers

Life of William

*William Boeing was born in 1881 and died in 1956. Boeing was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1881.

*He was a determined and smart student when he was younger.

*He attended Yale University in Connecticut after he graduated high school.

*As time went on he became the president of the Greenwood Lumber Company.

*He decided to quit this and peruse his dream of building planes and flying them.

*Boeing entered the field because he was interested in planes when he was younger. During his life he also won the Daniel Guggenheim award.

*In all William Boeing had a lot of interesting experiences.


*William Boeing was famous for building planes for the military and founding the Boeing Company.

*He made a few important contributions in his life.

* A few of these include helping to create the United Aircraft and Transport Company, the Boeing Company, and helping make plans for military services.

*Boeing had many of his ow quotes. Two of them are "Let no new improvement in flying and flying equipment pass us" and " I think we could build a better one".

* On September 28th, 1956 William Boeing sadly died of a heart attack on his yacht. William Boeing is without a doubt an important person in aviation history.


*In the 1920's Will flew mail internationally to make most of his profit.

*In the mid 1920's there was a law made that if you own a military company you can not run a mailing operation to.

*Mad with that law Will left Being Avionics and later died on his yacht.