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April 11, 2016

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Congrats to Jenn Webb on the arrival of Kache Issac on April 5, 2016!

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Great job Teasha and the Minico Transition Team

Teasha Parmenter, her mentor Jacoby Sneddon, and the special education team at Minico High School held their 2nd annual transition fair on April 7. It was a terrific evening for students and families who became familiar with many of the agencies and services available across Southern Idaho.

365 DAYS

IEP meetings must be held prior to the annual date on the IEP.

From the Special Education Manual 2015, page 80: An IEP meeting shall be held for one or more of the following reasons:…..2. to review the IEP periodically, but no longer than one year (365 days) from the date of development of the current IEP, with the IEP in effect at the beginning of each school year.

All IEP meetings should be scheduled two weeks prior to the IEP annual date. This allows for emergencies such as illness of a team member, snow days and other unanticipated situations. IEPs which are not held within the 365 day timeline are out of compliance and will not be eligible for a stipend. Remember this is a leap year with 366 days so IEP meetings must be held 2 days prior to the annual date to be within the 365 day timeline.

Upcoming Events

Peer Review Group #3 Wednesday, April 13th 8:30-11:30 am

Dana Hammer, Don Garner, Mary Davis, Jennifer Cole

Be A Reading Hero! SESTA Training

This training is designed to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. Learn evidence based practices to support your students in early literacy and increased includsion in the general education setting.

Choose a date and location below to learn more and register:

June 6 - Boise

June 13 - Moscow

June 15 - Idaho Falls

April 22--Teaching Replacement Behavior Training at DSC



For more information, contact: Andrea Cox at 208-426-4273 or idahosesta@boisestate.edu


April 22, 2016 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Registration at 8:30 am.


Minidoka District Office 310 10th St Rupert, Idaho 83350


Educators, administrators, para-educators who work with individuals who exhibit challenging behaviors AND who have attended the FBA/BIP training or have prior knowledge and experience identifying functions of challenging behavior in school settings


Participants will be exploring the next phase of constructing behavior support plans. Once the function of the student's challenging behavior has been accurately identified, teams need to be able to plan how to support change in behavior. This training will be focused on learning how to identify and teach appropriate replacement behaviors. Participants should have participated in the FBA/BIP or have prior knowledge and experience identifying functions of challenging behavior in school settings.

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Electronic Registration: Yes DEADLINE: April 20, 2016 Password Protected: No


University Credit: No University Credit

May 5 & 6 Special Student Populations and the Law in Idaho Conference

This will be broadcast to conference Rm 2 at DSC. Some of the topics which will be covered are Facilitating Effective and Productive IEP Meetings, The Intersection of Social Media and Special Education Law, Dear Colleague Letters – What are they and what do they mean? Hot Topics from the National LRP Conference and 60 Tips Presented by a Panel of Attorneys from MSBT Law. A schedule will be available closer to the conference.
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Please, no IEPs in May, unless its a new student coming into our district.

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This is a book we have available to share with you.

Designing Comprehensive Interventions for High-Functioning Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Ziggurat Model Release 2.0

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