SV Gypsy Renegade

This is our future, our adventure, our education in life.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. " Mark Twain.

Quote Justification

I chose Twain's quote because it speaks from our hearts. We do not want to live with the regrets of what could have been. We do not wish to take the easy life of expectation. We wish to truly live. We wish to dream.

My family's dream...

This summer my family will sell off most of what we own, store the rest, and board a sailboat of our own. We will set sail to explore and discover the great big world around us. We will learn culture, history, language, expression, survival, music, science, math, cooking, gathering, and living at the hands of Nature and the civilizations that that Nature has given us.

SV Gypsy Renegade's Crewmembers

Our Theme Songs

X Ambassadors "Renegades" Full-length Video
Lukas Graham - 7 Years [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Justification for our Theme Songs

"Renegade" was chosen because we are breaking from the conformity of commercialism and mindset of our civilization.

"7 years" was chosen, because if you listen to the lyrics, you will understand that we do not want our life to just pass us by. We plan to live it and cherish it and leave behind memories that will last long after us.

Our sailing Inspirations:)

Things to see

While we hope to see many countries in their primitive beauty and see the cultures outside of the touristy locations, I chose to post pictures of the 7 wonders because honestly, these pictures are easier to find. Our main goal though is to see the smaller locations in each country so that we might be able truly learn how others live and what they value and believe. So, we'll have to get out there and get the pictures, so that you can see even more:) We hope to be multi-lingual by the time we complete our journey:)

Learning the Cultures of the World

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Our Bio

We've lived all over the country, travelling for the military, family, or careers. We've been raised with the desire to travel, to see the world, and to learn from others. I was raised a Navy brat, and my husband a Pastor's son. When we were reunited while he was in college in my hometown, we fell in love and married 6 months later. 18 years later, and we're more in love now than ever before. We have three beautiful daughters together that will be joining us on the sailboat. We've taught them that the world is bigger than what we know. Now it is time for them to experience it themselves.

Frequently asked Questions

Aren't you scared of dying? How will you teach your kids? Are you crazy? Won't you all hate each other? What on earth are you thinking? Do you even know how to sail?

Our answer to all of the above: The good book says that if God provides for the birds of the air, then we shall be provided for also. There is no benefit to worrying.

And life is too short to waste it. We want to do while we can.

SV Gypsy Renegade

We hope that as we begin our adventures and begin posting videos, you will join us on our adventures. (youtube has not been completed yet lol)