Animals in Meat Packing Industry?

"There was a rat tail in my burger".

What's the big problem?

Lately, there has been many reports of severe food poisoning cases, bad meat, strange tastes, and rat tails! Once the cases started to become more popular, the stories got to the government. They denied everything and blamed it on the poor housing they had. That's when we, the "muckrakers" took action. We all aimed for on target, the meat packing industry. We applied for jobs to investigate further in the factories. When we got in, we all knew there was something wrong. There was a horrid smell and everything was unsanitary. We wanted to know where the meat was coming from and the packaging area so we moved on. We opened up the basement door and that's where we hit jackpot. A giant stack of meat on the bare floor. No covers, nothing. Rats were screeching when we came down there. Good and bad meat were put together. Oh, and put dead rats, squirrels, raccoons, and there remains. All in one place. Be careful what you eat!


The horror of meat packing industries.

What the workers say-

Why? Why don't the workers say anything about it? What's the big deal? Those are some of the questions we asked the workers. Many of them declined our interview and walked away. Our most common answer was, "We don't want to lose our jobs". We understand that they don't want to lose there jobs but something has to be done about it. Their affecting themselves and others by poisoning them. Others say that they don't want to start an argument with the company and the industry. All we needed to do was find a way to fix this.


As soon as we got what we needed, we left the area to spread the news and information. Photographs were posted, political cartoons were being made, info was spread, and the people rioted. They yelled and chanted towards the factory. Workers were being pointed out and yelled at. It was a night of scandal and opportunity.


Reasons for the Bad Meat Industry

*People would go undercover to expose the truth
*Many people knew what was going on but were to afraid to say
*Afraid to lose there job
* Unsanitary conditions
* Many dead animals and there remains were mixed in with the food
*Never precleaned the food
* Cross contamination
*Dead animals
*Poop in the food
* Didn’t do anything about it