The Titanic

The tragic story of the unsinkable ship


The Titanic should have been safer. If White Star Line had made the ship safer or been more careful, so many people would not have died. Nobody would be sad and nobody would have felt such loss. People should have payed better attention to the warnings about ice and storms. The Titanic should have been more stable or smaller. Had people done these things the Titanic would not be two miles below the water.

Futility Facts

First, some people knew the Titanic was dangerous. This guy named Morgan Robertson wrote a book called Futility. Futility is a book about a ship called the Titan that sunk after hitting an iceberg. The dimensions of the Titan and Titanic were almost the exactly the same, and most of the passengers on the Titan died because there wasn't enough lifeboats! The Titanic was practically the Titan in reality. Some people now actually believe Robertson was a prophet! (Conklin, 1997). Many believed the Titanic was unsinkable, but a few had their doubts.

New York - Here We Come

The Titanic barely made it out of port in the first place. While everyone was waving good-bye to the passengers, a ship called New York broke free from the dock. Everyone thought the collision was inevitable, but at the last second the captain ordered the engines to full blast. The sudden speed pushed a bunch of waves away and knocked the smaller ship back to the dock.(Conklin 1997). Even though this disaster had been avoided nerves began to stand on end and faith was harder to find. Some of the passengers began to have doubts about the "unsinkable" ship.

The Disaster is Here

Next, had the captain given different orders, or had the orders been carried out quicker, the Titanic never would have hit the iceberg. If the Titanic had turned more or hit the iceberg head on, the Titanic wouldn't have sunk. (Murphey, 2012). If the crew had been paying better attention or listened to the six ice warnings, the Titanic never would have been near the iceberg! Had they been paying attention to the warnings they would have known there was a deadly ice field, dead ahead! They also could have just gotten binoculars. They could aford 1,000 velvet seats but not two pairs of binoculars? Come on! I'd understand if they were low on money, but they weren't!

Tall and Mighty

Lastly, the Titanic was to big. It weighed 46,000 tons, was 883 feet long, and ten decks tall. Had the Titanic not weighed so much, it wouldn't have sunk in the short 2 hours and 40 minutes. That would have given other ships more time to come to the rescue.

Opposing View

Most people truly believed the ship was unsinkable. They were unphased by the ice warnings and, even after hitting the iceberg, they felt safer on the mighty ship. Had they payed attention to the ice warnings or had not been so cocky, nobody would have died, and nobody would have felt the loss.


To conclude, the Titanic was unsafe. If people had built the ship with a smaller or more stable design, none of this would have happened. There would be no pain or sadness. Don't make the same mistake as White Star Line. If you own a ship don't get cocky and lack on safety. Be careful. Make sure to tell your friends and family about ship safety. Don't make a mistake and have it cost you your life.


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