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May 16, 2016

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Tuesday, June 7th - Kindergarten Goodbye Party - Time TBD


Everybody had an awesome time learning about Mexican-American history and heritage on our field trip at Olvera Street! We would like to express our gratitude to all the parent chaperones and to Mrs. Richelle Huizar and Mrs. Soto for organizing this fun learning event for our Kindergartners.

If you have not yet returned the tap cards for the metro, kindly return them to your child's teacher. Thank you!

For more pictures from this event, log on to https://mustangsclassof2024.shutterfly.com


Sofia Linares/May 6th - Mrs. Heupler's class

Paxton Enerson/May 19th - Mrs. Agundez's class

Kaya Racine/May 22nd - Mrs. Hale's class
James Milhaly/May 23rd - Mrs. Hale's class

Kathleen McBride/May 25th - Mrs. Hale's class


Language Arts - We've completed our Superkids Club student books and will be introducing long vowels.

Math - In math this week we continued to review both flat and three dimensional shapes. We played guessing games by giving clues and then guessed the correct shape. For example: "I am a three dimensional shape. I have one flat surface, one point and I can roll. What am I?" Ask your child for the answer! We also built using shapes.


When Jesus went up to heaven, He promised to send a Comforter for His people. During religion, we heard the amazing story of when the Holy Spirit came to Jesus' friends in the form of a flame. The disciples could suddenly speak different languages and tell about God's love. They were able to heal the sick. At Olvera Street, we saw a mural depicting this moment in history.

And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever,

John 14:16

Dr. Pannel also visited the classrooms and shared information about the ingenious octopus and clever sea otter. Even animals can solve problems and take care of others.

A Kindergartner's prayer for a friend:

"I pray for Jack's grandma to come out of the hospital." - Nate Lee


MJS Student Art Show - May 16-19 at the Greg Smith Gymnasium

Student art from all grade levels on display in a gallery setting. Come and see the beautiful house tile art that the Kindergartners have made along with a lot more wonderful creations!

More details here!

The 8th Annual Recycle & Read Event continues throughout this week till Thursday, May 19. Feel free to drop by and enjoy some great books for all ages that you may take home, free of charge!


For more pictures, log on to https://mustangsclassof2024.shutterfly.com