iPad Updates!

Your student iPads will look a little different after you return from MEA break. Here's what you need to know!

What Will Be Done?

  • All apps and settings will be removed
  • Everything will be updated to iOS 9
  • iPads will be retagged in our management system so we can be more efficient with pushing out apps as you need them

Why are we doing this?

  • iPads at North are very full!
  • Teachers are frustrated with iPads missing apps, not having the same apps, or taking too long to get apps loaded on devices
  • Apps and iPads need updates to function properly, but we can't update apps that aren't ours
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What if I need more apps? How do I get them?

  • Teachers should not load any apps (paid or free) on student devices (this is a change!)

  • Give the technology department at least 3 days notice to push an app (it will likely take less time, but pushing apps works best after school to avoid network slow downs)

  • We will be able to load apps by grade level, pod, or teacher to give you the apps you need without loading up your device with extra things you don't need

What About My Teacher iPad?

  • We are not planning to reset teacher iPads at this time
  • If your teacher device needs attention, please let me know
  • You may still use your own Apple ID and download apps on your teacher device

A few reminders:

  • iPads should not be signed out of the apps.ne@isd477.org account
  • The North Tigers Yahoo account will no longer be active
  • Teachers may still use their own Apple ID on their TEACHER iPad and load it with apps as they see fit.