HOS Meeting Notes


What's trending?? #OnlineLearningDay

Happy Online Learning Day!!

Today is the first National Online Learning Day! Please take this opportunity to let others know how your school has succeeded with online learning. Post a pic, add a comment, celebrate a teacher/staff member/school family, or share a favorite resource.

Website: http://www.onlinelearningday.com/

Twitter hashtag: #OnlineLearningDay

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OnlineLearningDay/

Danny provided an overview of the Retention, Enrollment, Finance reports that will be posted weekly to SharePoint: https://k12inc.sharepoint.com/sites/SchoolServices/SchoolOperations/School%20Level%20Implementation%20Metrics/Forms/AllItems.aspx.

Save the Date! HOS Summit

When: November 28th (plan to arrive Monday)

Where: Herndon, VA - Corporate Office

Where: Hotel: Westin Dulles

What: Email Amanda Conley ideal number of days for summit:

A) Week (similar to last year)

B) 4 full days (Tue AM – Fri 5 PM)

C) 3.5 days (Tue AM – Fri Noon)

D) 3 full days (Tue AM – Thur 5 PM)

E) 2.5 days (Tue AM – Thur Noon)

F) 2 full days (Tue AM – Wed 5 PM)

Complete survey for topics: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z8S2BT5

How: Agenda will be prepared by Lead 360 Team to provide applicable training in Governing Board Relations, Performance Management, and Best Practices from the field.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Work on developing a Strength Goal, Growth Goal, and Board Relations Goal. These goals will need to be entered into UltiPro by October 7th (Naming Convention: IDP_2016-17_Last_First)


Compliance Check-in

School Services Newsletter: This is being sent every Wednesday to HOS and Admin. A list is generated as to who is reading this document, and how many clicks are being made throughout. Please take care to read thoroughly.

Who is your grant coordinator for your school?? Please complete this survey to let us know: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gYpHXWXRJxwmt2yHl6uhIY6p19y_liih3BqTDTYpuMU/edit?usp=sharing.

Do you have an audit coming up soon? Please take this survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11rO_mfFivipmbN5zVnW8YO1IKVaCGYaIysCCD6kwdIs/viewform.

Human Resources: FLSA Requirement Changes

Overview provided by Christina Moore. The Department of Labor has issued final rules that will raise minimum salary requirements for administrative, professional, executive, and highly compensated employee exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA). The final rule is effective December 1, 2016. Teachers remain exempt from the salary test provided their primary duties are teaching, tutoring, instructing, or lecturing.

Goals for Today:

  • Share timeline and list of impacted employees
  • Highlight areas of importance and potential impact
  • Support needs from managers:
  1. Feedback & Involvement on identified employees
  2. Employee morale for those feeling "demoted"
  3. More attention to managing employee workload- minimize overtime, ensure worked time is reported, additional admin duties with timesheet management.

Point of Note:

  • Increase in salary to raise exempt employees above minimum requirement
  • Many roles will become Overtime eligible
  • Budget impact of changing payroll periods