Woo Hoo 2014

Important Upcoming Information

This Week

Reading and math homework will come home Monday through Wednesday. Kids will be off on Friday the 17th for a PLC (professional learning community) and Monday the 20th in observance of Martin Luther King. The reading fluency may not match our theme this week and I should correct myself by saying that it may not match every week. To keep up on our themes please check my website which is located on the IHE website. It is also linked at the bottom of every email I send.

This week in math we will be focusing on place value. We will continue to focus on tens and ones. Any extra enrichment you can find will help. I continue to expose the kids to place value at calendar and during "Rise and Shine" folders.

In reading we will focus on informational text features along with our focus of penguins. We will also compare and contrast fiction and nonfiction text. We will take the information we learn in reading and apply our knowledge into a research report. During science we will relating penguins to the Life Science standard. The kids will be able to compare and contrast the characteristics of off spring and their parents. Another standard that will be addressed in Life Science is what physical characteristics help a living organism survive. We will tie all standards through our study of penguins.


Happy, Happy, Happy

I was so excited to see how many kids actually did their homework. Keep up the great work. Please remember to keep the "parent recording" sheet in the binder so the kids will be able to hand it in on Fridays or the last day of the week. Thank you for your unending support of our classroom and your children.

Here is the link to my IHE website:

I will be sending updates through this flyer if all works out.

Parents please remember to call the office if your child will be going home a different way. I do not always have a chance to check email and I cannot expect to get accurate information from a first grader. I will send them home their usual way unless I have a note or hear from the office. Thank you for helping me keep your child safe!


No school

Friday, Jan. 17th, 8am

20151 Tallman Drive

Parker, CO

Please remember there will be no school on Friday the 17th and Monday the 20th.
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