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No Country for Old Men Sysmbols

I have recently finished reading the novel No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy. There where many different symbols that McCarthy used to identify different things. The three symbols that I noticed where the bolt gun, the coin, and the briefcase. My favourite symbol is probably the coin because it is one of Cigurh "weapons"

Chigurh uses the coin to help him determine weather or not the person he is talking to will die or survive. I like how he flips the coin and then tries to make the person pick heads or tails to help him decide weather or not he will kill them. Some of the people wouldn't answer him and they survived but the ones who picked most likely got killed. Chigurh is a crazy psychopath who enjoys killing people and I think that is pretty cool.

Chigurh chose the bolt gun as his weapon of choice because it is used to kill instantly. The bolt gun is normally found in slaughter houses and is used to kill animals right away so the butcher can begin his slaughtering. I liked how he chose this weapon because when he shoots the person it will kill them right away so they can't react or get shot and still be able to attack him. I also found interesting is that after he killed Carla Jean he checked the bottom of his shoes to see if there was any blood.

The briefcase is a major symbol in this story because that is what everyone is looking for because Moss took it. Moss found the briefcase when he was out hunting, he was walking through the dessert and found a drug deal gone bad. He went to check it out ad he found a few million dollars so he took it and left. I liked how he went back the next day to bring water for the one person that was still barley alive, but when he parked his car and walked to the spot, he looked back and another car was pulling up. He had to start running because the people where shooting at him. I'm a assuming that they were there trying to find the money and Moss had to run and hid in the river that he found. He stored the money under the bed in his spare bedroom. I found interesting that Moss told his wife to leave before chigurh finds her.

I really enjoyed reading this book, it was one of the only books I actually finished and it was the best one I've read. I liked all the symbols that McCarthy used and how he made the story flow like my hair. I liked how action-packed this book was, there was a lot of murder and blood and it made the book 100x better than it would of been without any killing or anything. My favorite part was when Chigurh went into the hotel and was just blasting everyone with his bolt gun and was looking for the briefcase with all of the money that he was supposed to get. I just liked the book in general and it was just a good read.

Clips from No Country for Old Men

The Coin Toss

No Country For Old Men - Coin Toss Scene [HD]

The Briefcase

No Country for Old Men - Opening Scene

The Bolt Gun

No Country for Old Men - Motel Shootout Scene
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