The Underdogs

by Mike Lupica. by Keegan

Mike lupica

Mike Lupica has been on many sports centers.Mike Lupica has done many interviews in his past and he still does interviews you can see him do them on your sports center.The underdogs is one of the books he wrote.

The UnderDogs

The Underdogs book is about a boy named Will Tyler he needs to find the right sport for him so he plays football he is nervous at first because he doesn't know what the other kids would think about him whenever his team says good job he knows what he can do after he scores touchdowns he wants to play his games at the end of the season they made to the playoffs then the championship and there is a big surprise at the end.

Why I think underdogs is a good book

I think The UnderDogs is a good book because it's a exiting book that you should like to read and it also is a book that is really really cool in story.