Betsey Johnson

fashion designer

Main style- Edgy, playful

She is from Wethersfield, CT

How she got started.

Growing up she liked drawing and dancing her biggest talent was art. She started sketching costume because she got the idea from her dance recital costumes, when she graduated high school she she decided to persue her dreams


New York Fashion Capital

Target Market.

a luxurious clothing brand known for feminine, frilly and clothing, she targets the teenager/Women ages 16-30 interested in the cool, glamorous styles

what made her famous .?

she entered and won the Mademoiselle Guest Editor Contest .In a year she was in the - house designer for manhattan boutique paraphernalia .

line debuted in ?

In 1978, Johnson started her own fashion line

Interesting facts ?!

-She also is known for doing a cartwheel at the end of her fashion shows.

-She was on dancing with the stars in 2014.

-She hates to shop.