Death Happens

By: Ava Pajak

Actress Doris Singleton Dies From Old Age At Age 92

Actress Dorris Singleton, dies from old age in Los Angeles, California.


Famous Whale From "Free Willy" Dies From Sickness

The famous whale, Keiko, from the movie "Free Willy" died from a sickness called pneumonia.


13 Year Old Dies From Unknown Cause

A 13 year old youtube star, died from an unknown cause that doctors are still trying to figure out.


Princess Diana From England Dies In Devastating Car Crash

Princess Diana of England died in a tragic car crash killing her and leaving the world devastated.


Hiker Killed By Bear At Yellowstone National Park

At Yellowstone National Park, hiker Lance Crosby, was attacked by a bear. Hikers found the remains of his body and the rest was believed to be eaten off.


Actor Robin Williams Takes His Own Life

Famous actor, Robin Williams, died by taking his own life, assuming from depression.


US President John F. Kennedy Assassinated in Dallas Parade

US president, John F. Kennedy, was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. John F. Kennedy was riding in a motorcade car with his wife, Jacqueline. He was fatally shot in the car and died.


Mother And An Owner Of a Shop Died While Saving Hostages From Gunman

In Australia, a mother and an owner of a coffee shop dies while trying to protect hostages from gunman, but were shot and killed sadly.


11 Month Old Baby Dies After Being Left in Car Alone

In Georgia, two grandparents accidentally left their grandson in the car alone on a hot day. When they remembered they left the baby, it was found unconscious from the scorching heat trapped in the car.


Islamic Extremists Kill 2 During Drive By Shooting

Islamic extremists killed two people while participating in a drive by shooting in Somalia. The president's nephew and a government official we killed during the event.


Death Is News

Death happens everyday all around the world. It's a part of life. At some point you will know someone very important that has passed away and it will be devastating. It may not be considered news to everyone, but it will to you. Famous people will die and you will be sad and it will effect other people you don't know too. Death can be caused by natural illnesses, accident, on purpose, murder, and many more. Death is always news, letting us know who isn't on this earth anymore. We will all die at some point so we have to live with it. Death causes sadness and it will be either sup rising or expected. Either way, it is news.