Virtual College Tours

These sites will bring Kentucky college campuses to YOU!

Use these links to connect to virtual tours of many colleges. If you do not want to enter your information on the site, simply select the "X" and it will skip that page. If you want to explore additional colleges that are not listed, Google: "_______(college name) Virtual Tour" to see if the college offers this option.

College admissions websites are also a great way to answer questions and get information on:

  • the name of your admission counselor at the school--This is your contact!
  • basic information about the school
  • schedule a personal call/visit in the future
  • how to express interest and receive additional information
  • and...LOTS more!

Remember, Connecting with YOU is the main job of the Admissions Office on ALL college campuses, so don't hesitate to reach out to them!

Kentucky Colleges and Universities

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